300 Villages: Girdwood

This week, we’re heading to Girdwood, which was originally founded as a camp for placer gold miners. Kirsti Ryan describes her hometown.

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“It’s a great town, it’s really small, but it’s a cute little town that you can grow up in. I grew up in Girdwood for 8 years. It’s really nice because it’s in the forest, and there’s a bunch of animal life and wild life that you can see like moose and bears and stuff that are literally right in your community.

(Photo from the Girdwood Chamber of Commerce)
(Photo from the Girdwood Chamber of Commerce)

There’s also a bunch of little shops that you can go see. Especially for tourists, like um jade shops and gold shops little trinkets and everything like that that the community has made.

There is only one school in Girdwood, holding about, I want to say like 300 or 400 kids in all. And it consists of kindergarten through 8th grade. There’s no middle school and there’s no high school. .

It’s also really nice because it’s right next to a world renowned resort, and it’s really convenient to be next to it. It gets really convenient to be able to go skiing and snowboarding. And a lot of tourists come there, so you’re able to see new people and make new friends.

Then there’s the Forest Fair, Which is a great little thing that Girdwood puts together at the beginning of July for about 3 days, to bring tourists to come to Girdwood and experience what it’s like.”

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