Mountain View Community Plan Process

Last year, the Anchorage Community Land Trust, in partnership with the Mountain View Community Council, began the process of creating a 2014 Mountain View Neighborhood Plan. Work on the plan began in the fall of 2012 at the Mountain View Community Summit, an event held at Clark Middle School where over 150 MV residents gathered to dream, connect, and act. At the Community Summit, participants created a list of 39 goals for community safety, resident involvement, transportation, green spaces, and economic development in the neighborhood, and also created a list of action items to achieve those goals.

In 2013, focus groups were held with Clark Middle School students, program participants, business owners, and residents to hear their thoughts on land use in Mountain View. After the plan has been adopted by the Municipality, the Mountain View Community Council will lead residents, businesses, and partner organizations in working to achieve the goals described in the plan.

To learn more about the plan, please visit and to share your thoughts on ways we can work to make Mountain View better, please email

Anchorage Community Land Trust strives to “develop healthy and prosperous communities in Anchorage by acquiring, developing and planning for the land and projects necessary to bring about sustainable neighborhood revitalization and economic development.”

As a “hybrid” organization, ACLT works both as a land trust and as a community development organization. The organization leverages public and private resources to acquire and develop properties that are strategic to redevelopment efforts. The goal is to improve the quality of life in the community by addressing issues important to Mountain View residents.

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