What’s growing in your garden?

Permaculture image by Ewig Lernender, from Wikimedia Commons.

No, that’s not meant as a cruel joke. Spring has been cool and summer warmth is slow to arrive.  Still, our long days will make for good growing – soon. And if you’re behind, you can catch up.

This week on Hometown Alaska, we’ve invited garden experts to the studio mic to tell us what’s new in garden plants, culture and attitudes.

We’ll have two guests from the Alaska Permaculture Guild, a relatively young organization that links permaculture enthusiasts around the state through a blog and virtual bulletin board for members to share tips, news and successes. One goal of the show is to understand what permaculture is and how Alaskans are practicing it in their gardens.

We’ll also have well-known horticulture agent Julie Riley from the Cooperative Extension Service. Julie says she always asks new students in her CES classes what they want to learn. This year’s common answer is “I want to grow food.” Not vegetables or flowers or landscaping – food. She thinks that’s interesting, and may point to a new attitude toward the value and purpose of gardening.

So join us with your questions about what grows well in Alaska and how to do it. Learn more about permaculture, and explain to Julie what this new passion for “growing food” is all about.

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In the studio

  • Cindee Karns, Alaska Permaculture in Eagle River
  • Leah Wagner, Foundroot seeds and permaculture in Palmer
  • Julie Riley, Horticulture Agent, Cooperative Extension Service



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