Congratulations Graduates!

It takes all of us — families, schools, community — to help our youth succeed. Congratulations to the high school graduating Class of 2013. You are an inspiration to the Class of 2014 and beyond as we work to increase the graduation rate to 90% by the year 2020.

United Way of Anchorage is the leader in mobilizing the resources of individuals, companies, government and labor to achieve positive and lasting change in the lives of the people in our community.

We believe the key to creating lasting change - in people’s lives and in our community - is getting to the source of problems. It’s change that doesn’t come easily or by accident. It’s change that requires clear goals. Leads to true partnerships, with differences and special interests set aside so as to make real progress. Involves actions that are deliberate and data driven.

Our goal is to be strategic, collaborative and efficient. We aim to produce tangible results that advance the common good.

It takes everyone in the community – big businesses, small businesses, elected officials, nonprofits, academia, the faith community, the labor movement, the media, parents and neighbors working together to create a brighter future. We call it living united and we invite you to be a part of it.

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