Nordic Combined: A Developing Alaskan Sport

At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, the U.S. went from no medals ever in the sport of nordic combined to a gold and three silvers, more than any other country. Now there’s a push on to keep performing in this combination of jumping and distance skiing, and Anchorage is a key to the effort. On the next Outdoor Explorer, host Charles Wohlforth will be joined by a national team skier and coach, in town to build the athlete pipeline.


HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Bryan Fletcher, member, U.S. Nordic Combined world cup team
  • Greg Poirier, USSA Nordic Combined development coach
  • Steve Shuttleworth, parent of skier
  • Jack Consenstein, teen skier
bryan flectchers xc
Todd Lodwick leads the pack ahead of Bryan Fletcher and Marco Pichlmayer through the hollow at the FIS Nordic Combined Continental Cup at Soldier Hollow, Utah. Photo: Tom Kelly/U.S. Ski Team
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