Arts & The Mind

Lisa Kudrow hosts a two-part special that reveals the crucial impact of the arts on the human brain across a lifetime and explores their vital role in human development during youth and age. The programs show how music, dance, painting, poetry and theater markedly improve well-being at both ends of life and reveal the cutting-edge science that explains the powerful, positive impact of the arts on the brain. Showcasing some of the nation’s most innovative and successful arts programs, as well as the work of leading American educators and scientists, ARTS & THE MIND illuminates how the arts can improve children’s school performance and keep brains agile and sharp into old age; how teenagers find meaning and hope through poetry at a renowned Los Angeles program supported by actor Tim Robbins; how the arts help heal hospitalized children and older veterans with PTSD; and why one of America’s leading Alzheimer’s researchers advises that dance is the single most effective way to ward off dementia.

  • TV: Thursday, 12/26 at 7:00pm
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