Celebrating Diversity with a Holiday Feast

Come and celebrate the holiday season with a potluck gathering in Mountain View!

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The Anchorage Food Mosaic and Anchorage Community Land Trust invite you to prepare a special, traditional, or cultural dish to share with others at this 2nd annual holiday feast. Food is a common denominator for all; let’s embrace the diversity within our community and eat! Everyone is welcome to attend this free event; it is also alcohol free.

Last November, GrassRoots Fair Trade store in the REI/Middle Way Cafe plaza hosted the Feast with the Anchorage Food Mosaic. They will be back again partnering this year in Mountain View, along with other community groups such as the Alaska Literacy Program, the Mountain View Community Council, the Southern Sudanese Association, the Polynesian Community Center, and LaurieConstantino.com.

The Anchorage Food Mosaic is a local group that explores the intersections of food: Health, agriculture, access, culture, identity, affordability, creativity, and more. The group’s vision is a healthy food system for ALL Alaskans. To get involved, “Like” the group’s Facebook page for food-related news, stories, recipes, photos, local events, and other tidbits, and sign up to receive articles written by the group on their website!

Please contact Jennifer Kehoe at 413-522-7983 or jenniferrkehoe@gmail.com for questions about Anchorage Food Mosaic and the upcoming event.

The Anchorage Food Mosaic’s mission is to build and celebrate community through our cultural foods.

In our current conventional agricultural system, a monoculture replaces lots of genetically diverse plants with one uniform crop, which is highly susceptible to disease and failure. In the same way that monocropping is dangerous to the future of a crop; we must encourage diversity within our community to prevent disease.

In order for our community to thrive we need to embrace and nurture the “mosaic” of people in this city.

The Anchorage Food Mosaic features different community members through photos and traditional recipes. Let us cook each others cultural foods and share our stories with one another.


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