Doc Martin: Gentlemen Prefer

Martin is appalled to find his first surgery full of people enjoying a cup  of tea and a biscuit – a practice inherited from his predecessor – but with no medical problems.

Roger Fenn, a former teacher at the school, is one of the few genuine patients but when Martin diagnoses a potentially serious condition, he resents Martin’s attitude and storms out.

When Elaine, the receptionist fails to take down the details of an emergency call to a sick child the Doc is forced into calling on Louisa  for help in tracing the boy. Elaine seems more preoccupied with her relationship with her boyfriend rather than with the efficient running of the surgery and the Doc rashly decides to dismiss her – alienating most of the village and making his life even more difficult.

Roger Fenn eventually takes Martin’s advice and undergoes a major operation, prior to which Martin visits him in hospital and reveals his haemophobia.  The Doc and Elaine manage to negotiate a compromise and she is re-hired which improves his popularity with the villagers.

  • TV: Saturday, 9/29 at 7:00pm
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