Aging in Alaska: Sandwich Generation

Aging in Alaska: Sandwich Generation

Host: Lisa Wawrzonek, Director of education at Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska

Guest: Marietta Hall, Sandwich generation caregiver

It is estimated that one in six families in the U.S. live in a multi-generational home and around 20 million individuals are part of something called the “sandwich generation”. This term refers to those who find themselves “sandwiched” between two other generations, raising their kids while caring for an older loved one.
This is not a new phenomenon; however it is becoming a growing trend with the weakened economy and baby-boomers beginning to reach retirement age. Being part of this group of caregivers can be both demanding and rewarding. Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska takes a closer look at one Alaskan caregiver in this position. Listen as we hear what she goes through and how she copes.

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Aging in Alaska Podcasts

Aging in Alaska is a radio show produced by the Alzheimer's Resource of Alaska. It was created to provide information, insight, guidance and support to Alaska's elders and their caregivers. Each month we will talk with medical professionals, caregivers and others with expertise in the field to explore the many aspects of aging here at home in Alaska.

Alzheimer's Resource of Alaska is the state’s leading source of information, support and services for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia (ADRD). We are a non-profit organization serving individuals with ADRD as well as frail elders throughout the state since 1984.

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