Can America and the Muslim World be Friends?

As a Fellow of Muslim Politics and Societies at the Center on National Security at Fordham Law, Haroon Moghul is a world-renown expert on Islam in the modern world. Aside from his editorial duties at the Religion Dispatches and The Islamic Monthly, Mr. Moghul has contributed to Al-Jazeera English, Today’s Zaman of Turkey, Tikkun, The Huffington Post, and various other international publications.

Speaker Haroon Moghul

Mr. Moghul’s 2006 novel, “The Order of Light” (Penguin Global) tells the story of a young Muslim who lights himself on fire to protest the authoritarian reality of the Middle East. This uncanny forecasting of the Arab Spring and insight has led to the novel’s translation into French by Cherche Midi and distribution in South Asia by Penguin India.

As a current doctoral candidate at Columbia University, Mr. Moghul’s research focus is Islamic thought in late colonial India. However, he has spoken around the world on topics including Islamic history and culture, contemporary politics in the Muslim world, and radicalism and religious identity.

A sampling of Haroon Moghul’s recent works can be found at the following:

Haroon Moghul’s Blog

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