The SpokenCoast: Kotzebue and Point Hope

Blogger Marissa Krupa, creator of The SpokenCoast project, has traveled to Alaska as part of her tour documenting the stories of people in communities along the Pacific Coast – from Chile to Alaska. She recently submitted the following videos, shot in Kotzebue and Point Hope. Take a look… and learn more about her project below or at

Point Hope, Alaska

Kotzebue, Alaska

What is The SpokenCoast project?
Have you ever gone through a major life challenge and not felt supported? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to thrive during these hardships, while others suffer?
We can’t always know what life will bring us next. Life’s surprises come when we least expect it; a gift one day, a disaster the next. It’s the challenges and unexpected crises that knock us off balance. They make us feel small, unprepared, unequipped, alone and scared.

At one time or another we all struggle with tragedy. The SpokenCoast Project was created to gather these personal stories of overcoming major challenges in order to create an empowering resource for the rest of us. Marissa Krupa will travel along the coastline from Alaska to Chile capturing stories of positive transformation through personal hardship, inspiring her to climb 6 mountain peaks for her own transformational journey.

The SpokenCoast Project is an exploration and experience in the transformational power of facing life’s unexpected challenges head on. Similar to Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better”, The SpokenCoast Project is a support system to anyone who feels they can’t overcome. Now anyone who feels alone in facing a major life tragedy can look to The SpokenCoast Project and become part of this community.

While on this quest, Marissa Krupa – the project’s creator and interviewer, will summit several significant peaks to honor her mountaineer brother who was recently lost to cancer. A memorial will be left at the top of each peak. In this way, Marissa hopes to transform her loss into something that can benefit others, via the documentary film of the journey.

Marissa Krupa is a 30-something Chicago native, and graduate of Colorado College. She rode the hi-tech gravy train in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, then was transformed by the courageous battle her mother and brother fought with cancer.  In a bold move, she left her office job to build a community of hope based on the transformation of others who have faced a life challenge.

She likes rock climbing, riding motorcycles, telemark skiing, reading & creative writing. Marissa is passionate about spending time with family & friends, and making sure her lifestyle leaves plenty of space for that. Marissa believes in living simply and only purchasing what you need, which helps keep a check on her high-heel shoe addiction.

She is deeply grateful to her parents for getting her in the outdoors at an early age; her greatest triumphs over her deepest fears have occurred in nature. Marissa is currently traveling in Western Alaska for The SpokenCoast project.

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