Legislation May Restore Felons’ Voting Rights Sooner

Joshua Tucker, APRN – Anchorage

Voting is another civic right that some felons would like to see restored to them sooner. Currently many do not have their right to vote restored until they complete their probation and parole, often many years after they are released from prison.

Currently 13 states allow all ex-offenders to vote as soon as they are released from prison. Anchorage Democrat Senator Bettye Davis has introduced legislation to restore their rights to vote, serve on a jury and run for office as soon as they are released. Davis hopes that if SB7 passes, those affected would feel more connected to their community.

This is the third time Davis has brought up the bill.  In the past it hasn’t made it out of the Senate State Affairs Committee.

Anchorage Republican Senator Cathy Giessel serves on the committee. She spoke in opposition to the bill at the last hearing on it.

The bill is up for debate again in the Senate’s State affairs Committee Tuesday.

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