Spring Membership Drive: Why You Listen

Less than a week of the Spring Membership Drive remains and we’re approaching the $65,000 mark from just over 400 pledges. Every time you call-in or pledge online you’re asked why you listen and support KSKA. So far, this is what we’ve heard:

“KSKA gives me a broad scope of what is happening around the world you hear stories that you don’t normally get to hear.”

“KSKA gives me things to converse with during the day. Always something interesting to talk about.”

“I can’t imagine weekends without Car Talk, Wait Wait, Prairie Home Companion, Ira Glass, All Things Considered, Mountain Stage….. I’m very thankful to have both KSKA and KNBA to listen to, and while I do listen to commercial radio as well, NPR makes up about 50% of my entertainment. That’s a lot of hours, as I listen to radio at home (no TV, happily), at work and while driving. I wish I could donate thousands, but as a single parent I need to stretch every dollar. At the same time, I think Public Radio is one of the better things I can provide for my son- I wish I had discovered it much sooner in my own life! Thanks!”

“I get a more thorough and broad perspective on the news – particularly human interest stories that are good news. I’ve been here 30 years, and I’m hooked.”

“I have been listening to public radio since I started college in 1969 (KWSU thepublic radio station affiliated with Washington State University). Everytime I moved, found the local public radio & television stations. When I moved to Alaska in 1984, I began listening to KSKA. Every morning I turn on my radio (in the bathroom)and listen to the news as I get ready for work. I also listen to KSKAwhile driving to & from work. I would be lost without it.”

“I listen for all the world and local news, to stay informed. Also enjoy the music.”

“I listen to it every morning and every evening and in the car-it brightens my day.”

“I love KSKA. I listen to it every day. And, when I’m in a different state, they’re not half as good.”

“I tune into KSKA every single day because I want to learn new, thought provoking, and applicable information to life. I am thankful that this program thrives nation-wide today. My life is SO MUCH better with KSKA.”

“I’ve traveled lots places and KSKA is the best public radio station.”

“It is an important part of the glue that holds the community together.”

“Returning to Anchorage from Juneau, KSKA is like comfort food for the soul. The radio is on before the morning tea is brewed! Thanks KSKA.”

Please add your voice to the group. We love hearing from our listeners all over Alaska, the lower 48 and different parts of the world. Thanks for listening and supporting us during this Spring Membership Drive. We couldn’t do it without you.

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