AK: Leftovers

This week we’re reaching into the back of the fridge and pulling out the leftovers. We’ll attend a Leftovers Party in Fairbanks, and make sure nothing’s left over at an Anchorage taxidermy shop. Plus, using dilapidated docks to heat a Dillingham home, and the story of an Alaska man who “left” the Middle East “over” half a century ago.

All those fixin’s and more on this week’s AK, from APRN stations statewide, starting today.

Leftovers Party
If you haven’t finished your turkey and trimmings by now, they’re probably getting a little, well… old. The problem is you can get bored with that same old dish left in your fridge. Unless, of course, you get creative — like Emily Schwing did in Fairbanks. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, she held her first annual leftovers party.

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Saving Leftovers from the Landfill
AK intern Amanda Compton speaks with employees and manager Larry Zerkle at Total Reclaim, an Anchorage business that recycles hard-to-handle materials such as electronics.

300 Villages

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A New ‘Life’ for Leftovers
Host Rebecca Sheir visits with Yukon and Melanie Grubaugh, owners of Tall Tales Taxidermy in Anchorage. Yukon’s been doing taxidermy since high school. Melanie, on the other hand, has taken a slightly different path: she began as a member of PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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Leftover Records
When the Pribilof Islands fur-sealing industry came to an end in the early 1980s, the federal government left a basement full of revealing documents. A new project to archive those “leftover” records is helping to tell the islands’ unique history. APRN’s Annie Feidt spoke with Aquilina Lestenkoff on Saint Paul Island and Bill Greathouse of the National Archives about the project.

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Blowing in the Wind
In Dillingham, Anne Hillman brings us the story of Bob Himschoot, who recently installed a couple of new residential wind turbines to power his family’s house and shops. They’re trying to reduce their dependence on diesel-powered electricity so that they have a little money left over to spend on other things.

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Soggy Electricity
If you’re in a soggy part of Alaska, the electricity surging through your home may very well come from water, like at the Snettisham hydro-plant run by Alaska Electric Light & Power. From Juneau, AK’s Scott Burton has more.

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Leaving for Alaska
AK’s Ellen Lockyer meets Moses Obeidi, who moved to Alaska from Palestine in the 1950s. He hung on through the 1964 earthquake and chaotic pipeline construction days to head one of the top-selling art galleries in the country.

Gone, But Not Forgotten
Alice Anna Snyder was a newcomer to Islam. She died of stomach cancer last month in Sitka. At her memorial service in Anchorage, many of her clients showed up to pay their respects. Alice was a hairdresser, so for her, converting to Islam, and deciding to cover her hair, was a risky decision. Several years ago, she spoke to reporter and client Shana Sheehy.

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