KSKA's HD installation continues

KSKA continues to operate at low power (for safety reasons) with occasional bursts of static this week as we continue HD and analog transmitter installations at Goose Bay.

We hope to increase transmitting power by the end of this week. Hopefully KSKA’s signal will be back on your radios or you should hear a marked improvement by then. Radios without antennae have been particulary affected during this transition which is why your car radio may not have been affected.

KSKA may also have to go off the air tonight (Wed-Thu 9/12-13), so set your clock radio to “alarm” rather than to KSKA.

Stay “tuned” to KSKA’s web site for updates as we move ahead. Thanks for listening and for supporting KSKA.


Bede started her work with Alaska Public Media as a volunteer in 1979, and then the host of Morning Edition in 1980. In 1981 Bede became the Operations Director, and in 1989 she took her current position as FM Program Director. Bede recieved the Alaska Broadcasters Association Employee of the Year award in 1991.

Bede has always loved radio; after her first day of volunteering at KSKA she knew it’s where she wanted to be. A friend of Bede’s, Corky Merkel was a KSKA staff member and she invited Bede to come in to volunteer. Bede began helping Corky edit the program guide and then started volunteering on air Monday nights. That first summer in 1979, KSKA needed a vacation relief person for the on air staff. Bede made herself available to do anything they needed, so she could learn about radio from square one. Over thirty years later, Bede is still learning new things every day about her profession and the wonderful community she serves.

btrantina (at) alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8481 | About Bede

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