Yvonne Krumrey, KTOO - Juneau

a black and white photo of a man preparing to go on the radio

‘An egregious act of spiritual abuse’: Behind the closure of Juneau’s Memorial Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian church leaders have determined that closing the church was an act of racism.
a landslide

Removing debris from Juneau landslide could take days, city says

Tom Mattice, Juneau’s emergency programs manager, said one home was completely destroyed by the slide, and two more were damaged.
a dumpster

Juneau has a dumpster-tipping bear

More dumpster-diving — or in this case tipping — is common in the fall, when bears are looking to fatten up before winter.
man holding a swab

Juneau police are collecting DNA samples from people with certain past convictions

It’s part of a broader effort to help Gov. Mike Dunleavy make good on a plan announced last year to reduce the backlog of missing DNA evidence across the state.
a humpback sticks its tail out of the water with a boat far behind it

One of Juneau’s most-sighted whales has a new calf, and it’s a bit too bold

A humpback calf appears to be okay after an encounter with a tour boat in near Juneau that left some of the whale’s skin on the boat’s hull.

New guides aim to help transgender youth navigate school in Juneau

Transgender youth face challenges in school that most students don’t — like finding a gender-neutral bathroom or asking to be called by a different name.
a helicopter flies near a cruise ship on an overcast day

Search suspended for man who went missing from cruise ship in Juneau

Residents reported seeing an emergency flare around 11 p.m. Monday and then boats and a helicopter searching the channel. 

Wyoming couple finds a time capsule floating in the water near a Juneau glacier

Inside were 11 notes written by Juneau kids back in 2006.
A cat

Juneau’s animal shelter has too many cats

The town’s shelter is asking people to consider taking in a new family member — temporarily or forever — and urging people to spay and neuter the cats they already have.
La Quen Náay Liz Medicine Crow sits at a table, speaking into a microphone

President of First Alaskans Institute testifies at committee hearing on federal boarding schools

La Quen Náay Liz Medicine Crow pointed to the history of Alaska Native youth being sent out of state to boarding schools and to punitive asylums in the Lower 48. 

The Ironman race is coming to Juneau, and the city asked residents to house athletes

With only around 1,000 hotel rooms, the city proposed a creative  solution: Incentivizing Juneau residents to go on vacation and rent their homes to athletes for a week. 
The outside of a big cruise ship

First large cruise ship of the season docks in Alaska. It’s half full.

After two summers of little to no business, Juneau’s tourist shops, tour operators and other local businesses are eager for visitors.
A large cruise ship docked in Juneau

Juneau’s first large cruise ship arrives with uncertainty

The Norwegian Bliss can accommodate 4,000 passengers, but it’s unknown how many people will actually be on board. 
A photo of downtown Juneau taken from the roof of a building

Some say Airbnbs are worsening Juneau’s housing crunch

A growing number of short-term rentals could be making it more challenging for people looking for a place to live in Juneau.
A white flag flying from the side of a building

Filipinos in Alaska have ‘desire to participate’ in Philippine election, honorary consul says

There are nearly 30,000 Filipinos in Alaska — close to the population of Juneau. And a number of them can vote in this upcoming election.
A person recording a vigil with her phone

For moderators of a Facebook group for Juneau’s missing people, it’s personal

The group’s moderators are people who've lost loved ones themselves. Their work with the group means they’ve had to make tough choices while processing their own losses.
Two cartoon character girls giving each other a high five

‘Molly of Denali’ explores Filipino Athabascan identity

Those who worked on the show say that representation of Filipino Alaskans will allow more kids to see themselves and their lives on TV.
A few dozen people pose for a group photograph holding signs in support of Ukraine

Juneau rallies for Ukrainians: ‘We are here, but our soul, our mind and hearts are there’

With just a day’s notice, dozens of Juneau residents gathered on Saturday afternoon in support of Ukraine.
Black and white photo of Gov. Egan sitting at his desk signing a bill, with four people watching

Historian details Alaska’s legacy of racial segregation

In his book “Black History in the Last Frontier,” historian Ian Hartman outlines how racial segregation looked in Alaska compared to the rest of the country.