Yvonne Krumrey, KTOO - Juneau

Yvonne Krumrey, KTOO - Juneau
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a museum

‘Not in the business of just giving away our entire collections:’ Denver museum denies Lingít repatriations

Denver Post reporter Sam Tabachnik says the Denver Art Museum has a history of denying repatriation requests for tribal cultural items.
a robe

Southeast Alaska Native leaders welcome historic Chilkat robe home

The robe is more than 150 years old. This is the first time it’s been used in a ceremony for at least six decades.
A Chilkat robe laid on a table

Weavers will study ‘secrets in the weavings’ of historic Chilkat robe returned to Southeast Alaska

The robe is now in Sealaska Heritage Institute’s archives and collections department. Next month, weavers will start learning from it.
a distillery

Juneau’s Amalga Distillery named James Beard semifinalist

The distillery is a semifinalist for the 2024 James Beard Awards in the category of “Outstanding Bar,” although it's not the capital's first nomination.
Two people in jackets stand at the window of a food truck that reads "Devil's Hideaway"

Juneau’s Mendenhall Valley has a new year-round food truck park

Many Juneau restaurants rely on summer tourists, which can leave fewer options for locals in the winter.
a bartender

It’s 8 o’clock somewhere: Alaska breweries get an extra hour to pour beer

Until this week, brewery and distillery taprooms weren’t allowed to serve alcohol after 8 p.m. according to state law.
an app

Want to learn endangered Alaska Indigenous languages? There’s an app for that.

The new Sealaska Heritage Institute language apps, available on Apple and Google phones, are called SHI: Learning Haida and SHI: Learning Shm’algyack.

Lingít scholars document traditional hand gestures that could be used in language learning

Using old recordings, language experts are documenting birth speakers' hand gestures that have contextual meaning in Lingít.
a woman

Juneau players hone their skills at women-only pinball nights

Anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary can play. Participants say it’s often more fun than the co-ed tournaments.
two authors

In horror anthology ‘Never Whistle at Night,’ Indigenous authors explore the unsettling

KTOO's Yvonne Krumrey spoke with anthology editors Ted Van Alst and Shane Hawk about the instability at the heart of the horror genre.
a man on a ladder takes down a street sign that says Seward St crossed out in red

Juneau’s South Seward Street officially renamed Heritage Way

Sealaska Heritage Institute President Kaaháni Rosita Worl proposed the change in April.
an arm badge

Juneau chooses Colorado police chief to lead its force

Derek Bos, currently the police chief in Eagle, Colo., was one of two finalists for Juneau police chief along with JPD Lt. Krag Campbell.
a painting

‘Kuhaantí,’ a children’s book written entirely in Lingít, is the first of its kind in decades

“Kuhaantí” tells the story of a young orphaned girl named Saháan who is taken in by a powerful family and learns about the value of respect.
totem poles

‘This is more than art’: Juneau’s waterfront totem poles get new descriptive signs

The Sealaska Heritage Institute put up storyboards to protect the poles installed this year, after summer images of their mistreatment by tourists.
two women

Rasmuson-awarded artist plans to weave biggest Chilkat blanket ever

Chilkat weaver Sainteen Anna Brown Ehlers plans to fund the project with her $50,000 award as Rasmuson's Distinguished Artist for 2023.
a snowy area, as seen from a plane window

Recovery called off for plane that crashed in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Officials say that the wreckage location, in an area with deep crevasses, is permanently inaccessible.
a pinball machine

Juneau is at the forefront of Alaska’s burgeoning pinball scene

At the Bearcade, a recently opened games bar in Juneau, David Elrod enforces the rules and pretty much smokes the other players.
A glacier seen from the air with large bowed striations coing out iniot ht ebay

Two people presumed dead in plane crash near Yakutat have been identified

Clayton McMartin, 59, and Melissa McMartin, 58, from Texas were believed to be on the plane.
four people sit at a table, on a stage

Presbyterian Church leaders visit Juneau to plan apology for 1962 church closure

Alaska Native leaders spoke to church leaders about the harm religious organizations have done to Lingít communities through language suppression and violence at boarding schools.
a whale in the ocean

NOAA investigates death of whale calf near Juneau

NOAA is still investigating what happened to Tango, but a post-mortem exam on Saturday revealed injuries consistent with a vessel strike.