Happy 100th, Anchorage!

Westchester Lagoon. then and now
Westchester Lagoon, then (1940) and now. Known as Chester Creek Flats, it was the site of a rodeo in 1940. (Photo courtesy Anchorage Centennial)

What was Anchorage like in 1915? 1935? 1960? Aren’t you curious? This is the year to find out, as the city prepares to celebrate its Big 10-0.

The summer months offer rich opportunities to catch up on our local history, in almost any fashion that suits you. On our show today, we’ll offer these slices:

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  • the book: “From the Shores of Ship Creek” (with author Charles Wohlforth)
  • the movie: “Anchorage Is” (with filmmaker Todd Hardesty)
  • the plays: “The Centennial Times” (with artistic director Sandy Harper)
  • the graves: Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery tours (with Audrey and Bruce Kelly)
  • the log cabins: with artist and exhibit curator Donald Ricker
  • the deep dive: rich history symposium over 4 days (with Jim Barnett)
  • the first people: Dena’ina adapted to developing Anchorage (with Aaron Leggett)
Fourth Avenue historical
Historical Fourth Avenue, courtesy Anchorage Centennial.

Whether you want to soak up Anchorage history reading the stories of 15 individuals who characterize their era, watch footage and vintage images of old Anchorage, listen to stories and deep research with the Cook Inlet Historical Society, enjoy a glass of wine as local actors and curators showcase each decade over 10 weeks at Cyrano’s, or stroll through the town’s cemetery hearing the stories of significant and colorful locals…well, the point is, you can have your Anchorage history, your way!

This won’t happen for another 100 years. So listen to today’s program (segments were pre-recorded, so we won’t be taking questions), and plot how you’ll take advantage of all of these original, local productions that paint a rich portrait of our town and its people.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy



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