State To Send Backup Generator to Tuluksak

The state is sending an emergency generator to Tuluksak, which has not had power since Friday afternoon.

Jeremy Zidek is with the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He said Wednesday afternoon that the exact plan for bringing out the generator was still in the works.

(Image from Google maps)
(Image from Google maps)

“Once it’s on the ground they will be able to hook it up and have it operation within a few hours,” Zidek said. “We’re just really looking at different transportation options.”

Zidek says the Tribal Council has not expressed any emergency concerns, but tribal leaders are worried about food in people’s freezers thawing.

The Alaska Energy Authority has had a person on the ground since Monday to work on the generator, which broke down Friday. Residents say the post office is closed due to the power outage. The community is also dealing with phone and Internet issues, according to sources. The school principal says they have power from a generator and school is in session. Zidek says local individuals are working to share what power sources they do have.

“They are working with residents to identify where local generators are, where they can share the temporary power capability among neighbors,” Zidek said.

The community of nearly 400 people is located more than 50 river miles above Bethel. The ADN reports that GCI had sent a technician there to troubleshoot the phone and Internet issues. KYUK has been unable to reach the Tuluksak Traditional Power Utility.

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Ben Matheson is a contributor with the Alaska Public Radio Network.