Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media

Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media
Liz Ruskin is the Washington, D.C., correspondent at Alaska Public Media. Reach her at Read more about Liz here.
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Peltola campaign bests Republican rivals in latest fundraising quarter

Alaska's sole member of the U.S. House, Mary Peltola, raised five times more than challenger Nancy Dahlstrom.

Biden administration starts process to add or change ‘special area’ restrictions in the NPR-A

The BLM seeks public views on whether to add to the "special areas" of the reserve, where oil and gas development is restricted.
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Alaska U.S. senators say they’re disgusted by the misconduct of a federal judge whose nomination they supported

Joshua Kindred was rated 16th out of 20 candidates for the court vacancy and he wasn't the senators' first choice.
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Newly resigned federal judge is accused of harassing a law clerk and ‘unwanted, offensive, and abusive sexual conduct’

The findings against Joshua Kindred are summarized in a 30-page order. It is rife with details describing sexual harassment and vulgar remarks.
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The Supreme Court opinion that shifts power away from agencies and onto judges

How Loper Bright affects life in Alaska and beyond is "something that, you know, our kids will still be grappling with," one attorney says.

Trump-appointed judge in Alaska resigns after just 4 years

Then-President Trump selected Josh Kindred in part for his youth. Judges typically stay on the federal bench for decades.
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National Park Service bans sport hunters from baiting bears

The Park Service says bear-baiting endangers park visitors and conditions bears to human food. Donuts and bacon grease are typical bait.
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Murkowski and Sullivan diverge on Trump immunity ruling

Sen. Sullivan says the decision upholds constitutional principles. Sen. Murkowski notes that the cases against Trump are still proceeding.

Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat sues to overturn NPR-A rule

The lawsuit aims to void development restrictions in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. A new Supreme Court decision may give it a boost.
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Witnesses say petitions to repeal Alaska’s election system were mishandled

The trial opened Monday in a lawsuit seeking to block a ballot measure that would repeal ranked choice voting and restore partisan primaries.
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Sullivan amendment to defense bill would revive Ambler Road

The Biden administration nixed a proposal to build a road to the Ambler mining district. Sen. Sullivan wants to override that decision.
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Justice Department says Alaska is discriminating against voters with disabilities

Muddy parking lots, ramps that don't meet the ground, inoperable voting machines — and that's in the cities, Justice Department says.
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Coalition of labor and Alaska Native leaders throws its weight behind Peltola

Alaska Jobs Coalition announced a $500,000 ad campaign. It's an independent expenditure group and doesn't have to disclose its donors.
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Trump announces his pick in Alaska’s U.S. House race: Dahlstrom

The former president chose Alaska's lieutenant governor over fellow Republican Nick Begich. Trump claims Begich has "Democrat tendencies."
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Murkowski votes with Democrats on IVF bill. Sullivan joins most GOP senators to block it.

Alaska's senators say they support the reproductive technology, but they split on a Democratic "show us who you are" vote.
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Environmental groups ask feds to reconsider the trans-Alaska pipeline and plan for its removal

Petitioners say the climate impact of oil merits another look at the pipeline that transformed Alaska. Gov. Dunleavy responded with derision.
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Sponsors of petition to repeal Alaska’s ranked choice voting score a partial win in court

A lawsuit claims repeal petition sponsors made serious mistakes when they gathered signatures. Part of the case is still pending.
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Murkowski votes to advance Democrats’ ‘messaging’ bill on contraception rights

Only two Republicans crossed the aisle. Sen. Dan Sullivan didn't vote on the birth control bill, which is now stalled.
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At Senate hearing, Murkowski reaffirms support for abortion rights

Alaska's senior senator doesn't always vote as abortion advocates would like. Democrats are raising the issue as an election strategy.
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Pro-Dahlstrom PAC announces $5M ad buy in Alaska’s U.S. House race

A PAC linked to House Speaker Johnson is planning to run ads in Alaska's three largest cities. A dozen candidates are in the race.