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After a warmer than normal April, Utqiagvik sees first record low temperature in over a decade

On Wednesday morning, temperatures in the North Slope hub community of Utqiagvik reached 20 degrees below zero, a record low for April 29th.

Dramatic ocean changes are coming ‘a couple decades too early,’ scientists say

Arctic ocean temperatures are rising at rates faster than previously thought by the scientific community. That’s the finding of a new study from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which shows warming waters having an effect on everything from sea ice growth to marine ecosystems.

The longest ever ice road has been plowed on the Kuskokwim River, from Tuntutuliak to Sleetmute

For the first time ever, the ice road on the frozen Kuskokwim River has been plowed to Sleetmute, a village north of Bethel.

After years of poor conditions, welcome news for hunters: Bering Sea ice looks normal

Rick Thoman, a climatologist, called it "a big change from the last couple of years and good news for the region.”

Kotzebue prisoners transferred to Nome due to jail’s frozen pipes

Kotzebue has had a cold February, with little snow for insulation. That means some locals have had to contend with frozen water and sewer lines. That problem is also being faced by the city, which recently had to transfer several prisoners to Nome after the jail toilets became unusable.

Policy expert says Alaska will be ‘nation’s vanguard’ in a thawing Arctic

A national expert on Arctic policy told state lawmakers on Thursday that Alaska will be at the front line of global competition over Arctic Ocean resources.

About a fourth of Selawik homes currently have frozen pipes, and it’s a chronic problem

Selawik mayor Clyde Ramoth says frozen pipes are a chronic problem due to issues with the initial installation of the above-ground water system.

Sea ice begins to recede as Northwest Alaska cold snap dies down

The cold snap helped the sea ice form in the Chukchi and Bering Seas, but the recent shift is slowing it down.

In Bethel, 2019 was the warmest year on record

Despite the cold stretch that brought the year to an end, 2019 is the warmest year on record for Bethel.

Extreme cold temps in Bethel region mean more ice road, but river hazards remain

The crew experienced no issues while they plowed the 50 miles from Tuluksak to Kalskag in a wind chill of negative 45 degrees fahrenheit.

Ice jams create minor flooding on Kenai River

In early January, state, borough and city crews all convened on the bank of the Kenai River off Big Eddy Road, where ice jams had caused some minor flooding.

Frozen pipes in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta means going back to honey buckets and packing water

Across the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, temperatures have reached far below zero for weeks, freezing pipes in homes and businesses across the region.

Frozen pipes delay school in Shishmaref and St. Michael

The Bering Strait School District has sent in-house maintenance to both St. Michael and Shishmaref to provide support.

As Anchorage warms, wintertime is defined by ice as much as snow

For many in Anchorage, winter and its accompanying outdoor opportunities are something to relish rather than escape. But residents of the state’s largest city are being forced to renegotiate their relationship with winters.

LISTEN: Making the most of Anchorage’s unusual winter with ice skates on hidden ponds

An intrepid group of local radio reporters ventured to a pond behind their office to see first-hand just how good ice-skating conditions are in Anchorage.

Russia’s military dominance over Arctic grows while US treads water, security experts tell Senate panel

Russia and China stepped up their game in the Arctic this year while the United States is just waking to the strategic power competition in the region, experts told a Senate panel.

Too icy to ski right now? Not for Junior Nordic.

Most of Anchorage is currently covered in ice, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to ski. Junior Nordic athletes at Russian Jack Park found decent, if not ideal, skiing conditions on Wednesday.

Bill would give Alaskans an advisory role in Arctic shipping

A bill advancing in the U.S. Senate aims to allow new maritime opportunities in the Arctic while designing a framework that ensures safety.

With more holes than usual in Kuskokwim River ice near Bethel, Search and Rescue issues safety warning

Last year at this time there was only one hole nine miles from Bethel. This year there are four open holes close to the community.

Kipnuk the latest village to flood as storms rile the ice-free Bering Sea

This has become the new norm across the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Late winters and sudden thawing have turned roads into slush and made rivers and sloughs, which are necessary for travel, less safe because they take longer to freeze.