Greg Kim, KYUK - Bethel

Greg Kim, KYUK - Bethel

After nearly a month, Hooper Bay has plugged the 40-foot hole in its sewage lagoon

The sewage has been flowing into a slough, an important subsistence location for the coastal community.
A view from above of a lot on the tundra where preliminary school construction is underway

Bethel Yup’ik immersion school will add 7th and 8th grades at new campus

The state board of education approved the Lower Kuskokwim School District's request to expand Ayaprun into the extra grade levels.
Homes stand close to an eroding river bank

A new study gives many Alaska communities their first look at how fast erosion is approaching

It’s the most comprehensive erosion assessment ever done in the state. The results are both surprising communities and helping them seek funding to adapt.
A team photo of a coed high school basketball team

For the first time in nearly 2 decades, Mekoryuk has a high school basketball team

Two girls and five boys play on the co-ed team in a season that has gone quite well.
Salmon strips hung up to dry

Federal government denies tribal groups’ petition to limit salmon bycatch

Tribal groups in Western Alaska submitted the petition following dismal chinook and chum salmon runs this summer.
Man smoking cigarette and waving in sealskin hat

‘So happy’: Akiachak’s John Snyder is final musher across K300 finish line

Despite the early hour, a large crowd gathered to welcome John Snyder and his seven-dog team as he finished his race.
Pete Kaiser poses with two of his dogs on a snowy finish line.

Bethel’s Pete Kaiser notches his 6th Kusko 300 win

Three former champions overcame an icy, windy trail to finish at the front of the 2022 Kuskokwim 300. The race also teased at the future of Kuskokwim mushing, with other local mushers also finishing in the top 10.
A red salmon as seen from underwater

Tribal groups petition federal government to eliminate or limit Bering Sea salmon bycatch

The petition asks the U.S. Department of Commerce to eliminate chinook salmon bycatch in the Bering Sea completely and to put a cap on chum salmon bycatch. It does not specify an acceptable limit for chum bycatch.
Construction workers stand on a wooden platform with a stack of lumber next to them on a sunny day in the tundra

More tiny homes are coming to the Y-K Delta, thanks to pandemic relief funds. But are they a good idea?

A surge of new housing is coming to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Most of those new units are slated to be of the trendy, tiny home variety. But with households in the region generally much larger than the national average, some tribes are questioning whether tiny homes are a good fit for the communities.
A dog team tied up in a harness

Kuskokwim mushers cope with extreme cold, rain and glare ice: ‘It’s been weird’

Some Kuskokwim mushers competing in this weekend’s K300 race say that they’ve been contending with some of the most challenging training conditions of their careers.
A close-up photo of electrical wiring

More than 200 planes could have the same problem that caused the Yute Commuter Service fire in Bethel, investigators say

The wiring was installed as part of a federally funded experimental safety program in Alaska that began in the late 1990s.
Boots charred at the bottom.

Before flight’s emergency landing in Bethel, boots melted and the cabin filled with smoke

“The pilot handed my granddaughter the fire extinguisher, and she didn’t know what to do with it," recounted one of the passengers.
A truck on ice.

Traffic is heavy on the Kuskokwim Ice Road, which stretches from Napakiak to Kalskag

There's way more traffic on the ice road this year because of flight delays and cancellations. "Sometimes in the day in the Bethel area it's comparable to the Glenn Highway around Anchorage," said Mark Leary, who helps maintain the road.
Three students play with a ball outside.

State prioritizes new construction for Napakiak school threatened by erosion

Napakiak’s existing school is within 64 feet of an eroding riverbank.
A blue building with a ramp leading to the front entrance

Bethel OCS worker charged with sexual assault of an adult

A state employee for the Office of Children’s Services in Bethel has been charged with sexual assault. Several local non-profit organizations that he is a board member of are evaluating whether to remove him.
A burned and destroyed plane.

NTSB: Plane in Bethel was ‘immediately engulfed in flames’ moments after passengers got out

The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing to investigate what caused a Yute Commuter Service plane to catch fire and burn on the Bethel runway on Nov. 20.
A man installs an antenna receiver inside.

Akiak’s broadband rollout marred by outages

Akiak made history last month as the first community in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to install broadband internet in every home. But the rollout has not been smooth, and many in the village still don’t have high-speed internet.
A student in a mask at a desk.

‘River is getting close’: Erosion is threatening Napakiak’s school and some students are already leaving

The Kuskokwim River has been eating away at Napakiak for decades; the community is accustomed to moving homes back when the water gets too close. But the school is too big to move, and the river is approaching too fast, accelerated by climate change.
A woman in a flowery parka and a mamsk puts her ballot in a box

You can soon register to vote in Yup’ik

The Election Assistance Commission announced on Nov. 22 that it is translating the national mail voter registration form into the Yup’ik language.