Tim Bodony, KIYU - Galena

Tim Bodony, KIYU - Galena

2016 Iron Dog Race projected to be faster and riskier

The 2016 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race gets underway this weekend. The ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage begins Saturday morning, and then the green flag officially drops at the Big Lake starting line on Sunday at 11 am. Iron Doggers are expecting a better trail than last year. Download Audio

Man found dead on trail outside Aniak

An investigation into a death in Aniak has taken an odd turn, with someone else connected to the situation found dead yesterday.

Board: Aye to Yukon pinks fishery

The Alaska Board of Fisheries finished its consideration of proposals from the Kuskokwim, Yukon and Norton Sound regions on Saturday. For the Yukon, the Board rejected a proposal to allow purse seining for summer chum salmon. But the board unanimously supported a proposal laying the groundwork for a new pink salmon directed commercial fishery on the Yukon. Download Audio

Board of Fish considers commercial fishery for Yukon pinks

A proposal laying the groundwork for a pink salmon commercial fishery near the mouth of the Yukon is on the agenda of this week’s Board of Fisheries meeting in Fairbanks. Download Audio

Huslia pleads to rein in burgeoning pike population

A proposal aimed at reducing the number of pike around the northern Interior village of Huslia will be considered by the Board of Fisheries when it meets next week (January 12-16) at the Alpine Lodge in Fairbanks. Download Audio

At $1.50/lb., lamprey harvest tops Yukon salmon

The commercial harvest of lamprey eels on the lower Yukon wrapped up over the weekend, with just under 37,000 pounds harvested and sold. That’s 7,000 pounds less than a quota set by the Department of Fish and Game. Download Audio

Sidney Huntington remembered for hard work, passion

Interior elder Sidney C. Huntington died on Tuesday in Galena. He was 100 years old. He leaves behind not only a long list of accomplishments, but an entire philosophy of life. Download Audio

Galena elder Sidney Huntington dies at 100

Galena elder Sidney C. Huntington passed away on Tuesday in Galena. He was 100.

Landing a lamprey: A fickle fishery opens on Yukon

The annual run of lamprey is headed up the Yukon River. Diverse commercial markets for the snake-like creature have opened up over the past few years… but actually catching them can be tricky. You need solid river ice and perfect timing. Download Audio

AK: With sustainable logging in mind, Galena looks to forests for fuel

Large-scale logging on the Yukon River started about a hundred years ago. These days, villages like Galena are once again looking to the forest for an energy supply. But this time, a new generation of loggers is thinking more about sustainability. Listen now:

First winter in the wild looms for re-introduced wood bison

The Innoko Flats wood bison herd is going into its first winter in the wild.

US Marshals arrest 3 suspects in Kavairlook murder

Fairbanks Police and other law enforcement agencies have announced the arrests of three people in connection with the shooting death of John Kavairlook in Fairbanks on May 17. Download Audio

Study: Alaska’s wild berry harvests becoming more variable

A new study suggests that the harvests of several popular wild berries are becoming less reliable in many areas of the state. The study is a first step in a process that might learn more about the connections between climate factors and berry production. Download Audio

Cookbook project aims to get Alaska foods on school menus

A new cookbook intended for Alaska schools and other institutional kitchens is coming out soon. Download Audio
Elodea. (Photo from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Survey scans for elodea spread in Interior, finds naught

A variety of agencies in the state are working to eradicate the invasive aquatic plant elodea. This summer, elodea was detected and treated in Anchorage’s Lake Hood, and a survey to search for elodea along the Tanana River downstream of Fairbanks has just concluded. Download Audio

Money in hand, Denali Commission looks where to spend

The profile of the Denali Commission was elevated earlier this month, after President Obama announced during his visit to Alaska that the commission would coordinate the flow of resources to communities threatened by erosion, flooding and permafrost melt. Download Audio

On heels of Presidential visit, Denali Commission considers next steps

The profile of the Denali Commission was elevated earlier this month, after President Obama announced during his visit to Alaska that the commission would coordinate the flow of resources to communities threatened by erosion, flooding and permafrost degradation.

New road from Tanana to Yukon River nears completion

DOT Northern Region Spokesperson Meadow Bailey estimates the project is about 80 percent finished, with about 6 miles left to go before the road reaches the south bank of the Yukon across from Tanana. Download Audio

Yukon River coho harvest sets record

This year’s harvest of coho salmon on the Yukon River is the largest on record, with over thousand fish caught. That’s almost twice as much as Fish and Game’s preseason projection. The record-breaking harvest comes out of a run that managers do not know much about, including how many fish are returning to their spawning grounds.

Belugas sightings persist in the middle Yukon

Residents of the middle Yukon River from Kaltag to Ruby have seen several groups of beluga whales over the past few weeks. Download Audio