Tim Bodony, KIYU - Galena

Tim Bodony, KIYU - Galena

Yukon salmon runs offering opportunities for harvest

Yukon River king and summer chum salmon runs are shaping up to be some of the strongest in years. Listen now
“Chinook salmon, Yukon Delta NWR.” Photo: Craig Springer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Via Flickr Creative Commons.

Preseason Yukon king salmon projections slightly up from last year

Last year, Yukon River subsistence fishermen got their first chance to target king salmon since 2012. More of the same might occur this year, as preseason projections for the 2017 Yukon king run suggest a slight improvement over last year. Listen now

Most Alaska high school grads unprepared for UA math and English

A new University of Alaska report finds that the majority of Alaska high school graduates attending UA schools are not prepared for entry-level courses in math and English. Listen now

State sues federal land managers over predator hunting restrictions

The State of Alaska has sued several federal land management agencies and top officials over a series of new predator hunting restrictions that went into effect over the past two years. Listen now
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Galena school board president ousted

Galena School Board President Kim Kopp has been recalled.

Galena to hold recall election for school board

Galena City School District Board President Kim Kopp will have to stand for a recall election. Listen Now

Trial of Kavairlook murder suspects postponed until January

A hearing on Tuesday in Fairbanks Superior Court postponed the trial date for the four men connected with the killing of John Kavairlook Jr. The trial was scheduled to begin next week, but now is set to begin on January 23rd of next year. Listen Now

New federal predator hunting restrictions to face state legal challenge

A series of predator hunting restrictions for national wildlife refuges in Alaska took effect on Tuesday.That same day, Governor Bill Walker revealed that the state is organizing a lawsuit against the federal government to resist the new rules.And Alaska’s congressional delegation is looking for ways to reverse the changes as well.

Another record high harvest of Yukon coho

For the third year in a row, a record high number of coho salmon have been caught in the lower Yukon commercial fishery. Listen now
Chum salmon in water

Fall Yukon chum run starts stronger than anticipated

The Yukon River fall chum run is coming back stronger than initially predicted. Listen now
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Salmon runs on Yukon River strong enough to allow for larger, mesh nets

Yukon River subsistence fishermen are getting a chance to put their king salmon nets in the water.
Alaska News Nightly by Alaska Public Media

Kavairlook shooting suspect found in Ohio

The alleged shooter of John Kavairlook Jr. has been arrested by Fairbanks police. Download Audio
“Chinook salmon, Yukon Delta NWR.” Photo: Craig Springer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Via Flickr Creative Commons.

Yukon subsistence fisherman get first targeted opening for Yukon salmon in 5 years

Subsistence fishermen on the Yukon are getting some rare gillnet openings during the middle of the summer season, and will be allowed to keep any king salmon they catch. Download Audio

Snow geese number rise after protective actions

Like other large waterfowl species, the North American population of snow geese was decimated in the early part of the twentieth century due to overhunting. But since then, thanks to hunting restrictions and habitat protection, snow geese numbers have bounced back strongly – some might say a bit too strongly. Download Audio

Ruby Marine purchases Inland Barge Service as barge season begins

As another barge season in the Interior gets into full swing, there is one less Nenana-based company offering services. Download Audio
“Chinook salmon, Yukon Delta NWR.” Photo: Craig Springer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Via Flickr Creative Commons.

Yukon king salmon run predicted to be weaker than average this year

State and federal fishery managers have released the 2016 outlook for salmon runs in the Yukon River drainage. Download Audio

Justice still sought a year after Kavairlook killing

May 17 marked the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of John Kavairlook Jr. outside of the Rock n Rodeo Bar in Fairbanks. Download Audio

Fish and Wildlife consider ban on predator hunting in refuge lands

The National Park Service implemented a series of changes at the beginning of this year which ban various types of predator hunting on Park Service land. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering similar changes for refuge lands across Alaska. Download Audio

US-Russian exchange discusses spring breakup flooding solutions

A delegation from Russia recently visited Galena, as part of a state department-funded cultural exchange. The program allowed civic leaders from two riverside villages to share ideas about how to prepare for, respond to, and maybe even prevent, spring breakup flooding.

Iron Dog approaches its final stage: Johnson, Aklestad in lead

The 2016 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race is approaching its final stage, and Team 8 is cautiously guarding its lead. The team of Eagle River’s Tyson Johnson and Palmer’s Tyler Aklestad were the first to reach Tanana this afternoon at 1:47 – 39 minutes faster than their closest competitors. Download audio