Tim Bodony, KIYU - Galena


Small-scale hydro project comes online in Iguigig

A prototype in-river hydropower system is currently in operation at Igiugig in southwest Alaska.  It’s part of a recent surge of research that has pushed in-river hydro power closer to becoming a reality for rural communities seeking an alternative to diesel-based electricity. Download Audio

In Remote Alaska, High-Speed Internet Comes By Land – Not Satellite

A plan to bring land-based high speed internet to the western Interior is moving forward this summer. GCI’s TerraNet uses hilltop repeater sites to pass microwave signals along the ground, rather than sending the signals to satellites in space. Download Audio

State Funding Advances St. Mary’s Wind Farm Plan

The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative is moving ahead with its plans to build a wind farm for St. Mary’s and Pitkas Point, after receiving the necessary funding through the Fiscal Year 2016 state capital budget. Download Audio

Fire Crews Scramble to Protect Village on the Koyukuk

Fire crews are defending the Koyukuk River village of Hughes from a wildfire approaching from the east. Download Audio:

Computer Models Aid Firefighters

The wildfires around Nulato and Ruby on the Yukon River have been burning slowly but steadily this week. The Nulato Fire has covered more than 26 thousand acres, while a series of fires around Ruby have burned close to 65 thousand acres.

Fire Threatens Tanana; Voluntary Evacuations Underway

A 25,000-acre fire burning near the interior village of Tanana has prompted voluntary evacuations in that community for elders and people sensitive to smoke. Listen now:

Wildfire Threatens Nulato; Village Evacuates Upriver

The village of Nulato is beginning evacuations as the Nulato fire is approaching the new town settlement. The fire started on Sunday just a mile from the village. According to the Alaska fire service it was caused by lightning. Download Audio

Wood Bison Get Acquainted With Their New Habitat

The first load of wood bison bulls has been successfully released into the wild in the Innoko River valley.

Alaska Muskrat Populations Are Rebounding

After years of unexplained population declines across North America, muskrat numbers have returned to levels not seen in Alaska for at least 40 years. Listen now:

Wood Bison Bulls to Join Reintroduced Herd

A Nenana-based barge line will soon be hauling some unusual cargo. Twenty-eight wood bison bulls are scheduled to travel on Inland Barge from Nenana to the Innoko River near Shageluk, beginning sometime during the next week. Download Audio:

Galena Elder Turns 100

Galena elder Sidney Huntington turned 100 years old on Sunday. Hundreds of family members, friends, and community members gathered in Galena to celebrate the occasion on Saturday. Download Audio:

Reporter’s Notebook – Galena – March 10, 2012

After the first few mushers come through a checkpoint, the Iditarod begins to feel more like a parade or a traveling circus than a race. And like all parades or circuses, there is lots of stuff left over when the show is over and the action has moved on. Someone has to clean it all up and figure out what to do with it.

Lance Mackey Interview – March 10, 2012

Lance Mackey describes the many health problems experienced by his dogs during the 2012 Iditarod. His main lead dog, Maple, has been in heat and the males in the team have been more interested in her than in moving down the trail. Mackey also talks about the whereabouts of his famous lead dog Larry, and his ultimate Iditarod goal.

Aliy Zirkle Interview – March 9, 2012

Aliy discusses her run/rest schedule after completing her 24 layover at Takotna, which had her skipping through each checkpoint until Galena. She also talks about her young lead dogs, and the relative smallness of the dogs on her team.

Zirkle First Musher To Reach Galena

Aliy Zirkle is the first Iditarod musher to pull into Galena, arriving shortly before 4 this afternoon. She is followed by Mitch and Dallas Seavey, who are running around 8 miles apart between the Ruby and Galena checkpoints.

Mitch Seavey First To Reach Ruby

This could be a Seavey year in the Iditarod. Mitch and Dallas Seavey have stayed out front, along with a few others, through the halfway point. Mitch Seavey was the first to reach the Yukon River at Ruby. Here is how it rolled out. Veteran musher Jim Lanier put off his mandatory 24 hour layover and collected the halfway gold nuggets at Cripple. Mitch Seavey nearly caught up with him. Aliy Zirkle decided not to rest in Cripple when she arrived four hours later and blasted on ahead, the first to leave Cripple. In between were Trent Herbst, not having taken his 24, Dallas Seavey, John Baker and Jeff King.