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Man sentenced to 75 years in prison for 1993 murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie at UAF

The case baffled investigators for decades, and became notorious because of the circumstances: a young woman stabbed and shot while she was visiting friends at college in Fairbanks right before finals week in April 1993.
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Researchers studying whether electric heaters can help reduce air pollution in Interior Alaska

University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers will study reducing air pollution in the North Pole area with new electric thermal storage unit heaters.
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Interior windstorm starts fires and briefly knocks out 911 service

Several area fire departments responded to fires that started when trees pulled down power lines.

Richardson Highway reopens after weeklong closure due to flood damage

Department of Transportation spokeswoman Danielle Tessen says the worst damage was under a 70-year-old bridge at milepost 233, south of Black Rapids.
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At statewide convention in Fairbanks, GOP plans to focus on election law changes

It has been six years since Fairbanks hosted the statewide Republican convention, and it sold out earlier this week.
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Fairbanks jury finds Downs guilty in Sergie’s 1993 murder, sexual assault at UAF dorm

Steven Downs was an 18-year-old first-year student at University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1993, and presumably had no connection to the victim, Sophie Sergie, who was from the village of Pitka's Point.
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Sophie Sergie cold case murder trial ends and goes to jury

Lawyers stepped the jury through evidence and testimony in four hours of closing remarks on Monday.
A woman poses in a jacket outside.

Alternative suspect says he had nothing to do with murder of Sophie Sergie

Kenneth Moto testified Thursday that volunteered to give a DNA sample in 1996 because he wanted to help any way he could solve a crime against a Native person.
A woman poses in a jacket outside.

At Sophie Sergie murder trial, jury hears recordings of Steven Downs’ interrogation

Law enforcement officers who arrested Steven Downs for the 1993 rape and murder of Sophie Sergie testified at Downs’s trial on Wednesday.
A woman poses in a jacket outside.

Firearms expert describes ‘extensively damaged’ bullet in murder of Sophie Sergie

Debra Gillis, with the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, said the bullet she examined was too mangled to match it to guns taken from the suspect.
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Suspect’s college girlfriend and lead trooper investigator testify in Sophie Sergie murder trial

The former girlfriend and chief investigator of the 1993 murder of Sophie Sergie took witness stand in a Fairbanks courtroom on Tuesday to testify in a case that was cold for nearly three decades.
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Former UAF roommate of Steven Downs takes the stand in Sophie Sergie murder trial

Nicholas Dazer shared a dorm room with Steven Downs, who is accused of killing Sophie Sergie in 1993. He said Downs had two guns.
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Investigators testify about losing potential witnesses after 1993 UAF campus murder

The chaos of students taking finals and then leaving at the end of the spring semester frustrated investigators in the days after 20-year-old Sophie Sergie was found dead on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.
A woman poses in a jacket outside.

Former University of Alaska Fairbanks janitor testifies in 1993 cold-case murder trial

The first person who reported seeing the Sophie Sergie’s body was Okcha Ancheta. She testified Thursday in the trial of Steven Downs, who is charged with Sergie’s murder and sexual assault.
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Former UAF students describe what they heard and saw in dorm in 1993 before Sophie Sergie was found dead

The former university students spoke at the trial of Steven Downs. Downs is charged with Sergie’s murder and sexual assault.
Two girls are sitting in front of a TV that says "Molly of Denali."

‘Molly of Denali’ episodes getting translated and dubbed in the Gwich’in and Koyukon languages

The "Molly of Denali" project is just one effort of Doyon Foundation’s language revitalization program, which works to preserve the ancestral languages of the Doyon region.
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Fairbanks hospital readies mobile morgue

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital has set up a mobile morgue in the parking lot to prepare for any mass casualty event. The refrigerator container is not running yet, but can be ready in two hours.
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COVID spike prompts Fairbanks hospital to convert meeting rooms into patient rooms

"We are in a spike far bigger than anything that we have seen to date," says chief medical officer of Foundation Health Partners. "And unfortunately we’re in it at the same time as many places across the country and Alaska.”
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Fairbanks police officer resigns alleging hostile work environment

Detective Avery Thompson was put on leave this spring and then demoted after he says he supported his partner, Alana Malloy’s sexual harassment claims.