Robyne, KUAC - Fairbanks

Robyne, KUAC - Fairbanks
a woman

Fairbanks school board president apologizes after criticizing lawmakers’ veto-override votes

Brandy Harty had suggested lawmakers caved to threats from Gov. Mike Dunleavy to vote against overriding his veto of increased school spending.
the Alaska Supreme Court

Alaska Supreme Court says cops can’t use zoom-lens aerial imagery without a warrant

The attorney who argued the case in Friday's decision says justices are "paving the way with protections right now" against aerial drone surveillance.

Fairbanks North Star Borough School board hears about impending school closures

Members heard about the closures of Ben Eielson Jr./Sr. High School and Ticasuk Brown Elementary School, as well as the possibility of closing two more elementary schools.
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Elma the mammoth’s wanderings mapped across Alaska

University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers were able to use strontium isotopes in a 14,000-year-old mammoth's tusk to retrace its life.
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Alaska’s Black history documented in new books

Ed Wesley, deemed one of the "unsung heroes" of the state's Black history, has helped with key books on how African Americans have shaped Alaska.
an airliner

Alaska Airlines to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9B

The combined airlines will be based in Seattle, after a deal nearly a year in the making. Hawaiian Airlines will retain its corporate branding.

University of Alaska graduate students vote to unionize

The state's graduate students will be represented by a union affiliated with the United Auto Workers, after a 314-11 vote counted Friday.

Tour of Fairbanks toxic sites shows need for clean-up

Last week's tour included the former North Pole Refinery, sites on Eielson Air Force Base and Moose Creek, all of which host PFAS contaminants.
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Alaska workshop at world center of hibernation research

About three dozen scientists and students are visiting Fairbanks to share and hear the field's latest discoveries during a two-week summer school.
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Warming Arctic could change animal mating schedule

Rapid Arctic temperature changes are influencing animal reproductive behavior, according to a University of Alaska Fairbanks scientist's study.
a planned Fairbanks intersection

Planners finalizing design for Fairbanks expressways’ new intersection

The proposed $81 million interchange linking the Steese and Johansen expressways includes a popular pedestrian underpass.
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Fairbanks’ first member-owned co-op grocery marks 10 years in business

Nearly 4,000 Alaskans are current owners of the of the Co-op Market Grocery & Deli, paying a one-time $200 fee to become co-op members.
the Holland family

North Pole’s Patrick Holland gets his new heart

A new heart for Holland was available Thursday at a Seattle hospital, after he missed one due to flight delays amid a December ice storm.
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There’s a new Gwich’in alphabet book and it’s available for free

It's part of a long-term community-led project of language revitalization.
Steve Dutra

Head of Alaska police organization calls for consistent policies across state

Steve Dutra wants a statewide policy manual for all Alaska police forces.
Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks airport employees train to spot human trafficking

Fairbanks International Airport is training employees to be more vigilant about human trafficking under a new federal program.

Photos from space show beavers’ move to the Arctic as disturbing as wildfire

Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks are seeing thousands of new beaver ponds changing streams and rivers, and accelerating climate change.
a Fred Meyer store

Fairbanks Fred Meyer workers’ contract talks at impasse

Fred Meyer stores in Fairbanks are negotiating a contract with a union representing some of their workers. But the parties have reached an impasse.
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Seattle ice storm caused a North Pole man to miss his heart transplant

“I don’t wanna ever miss another chance,” said Patrick Holland, who's now moving to Seattle to wait for another suitable heart.