Pablo Arauz Peña, KTOO - Juneau

Pablo Arauz Peña, KTOO - Juneau
aerial photo of buildings and trees

University of Alaska will cover thousands of student scholarships until lawmakers reach deal

The Alaska Performance Scholarship and the Alaska Education Grant programs provide students across the state with vital funds for their studies.
A person descends from a tree

LISTEN: How a Juneau arborist saved a paraglider stuck between two trees

Talon Lobaugh owns Everybody’s Tree service, and he really knows how to climb a tree. But he’d never saved a person — until Sunday — when he got a call from the fire department about a paraglider who got stuck between two trees.
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Indigenous creators hope to share history, cultural art forms through first-ever Tlingit opera

The first Tlingit opera is in production. It's about the Tlingit-Russian wars in Southeast Alaska at the start of the 19th century, and while it's still in the early development stage, its creators say...
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Police reform legislation aims to change department policies across Alaska

The legislation consists of six bills that include a statewide ban on chokeholds and a ban on officers shooting at vehicles. Other pieces of the legislation require officers to follow de-escalation procedures and to provide a verbal warning before discharging a firearm.
Students with desks spread out in a ropen floor

Juneau schools return to in-person classes

"They are really happy to be at school," the Juneau Superintendent said of the first day of school on Tuesday.
A news anchor speaks in afront of a screen showing ethnic identifier categories

Alaskans react to CNN poll labeling Native voters ‘something else’

Native communities in Alaska and around the country responded to a graphic in CNN’s Tuesday election coverage labeling voters that don’t identify as white, Black, Latino or Asian as “something else.”
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With ‘cheerful honking’ Juneau celebrates Pride with outdoor drive-in drag show

Juneau’s LGBTQ+ community celebrated Pride last week with a series of events focused on advocacy and support for each other.
A wet boardwalk in a forest trail with white spray paint in undefinable forms and shapes

Police investigate racist graffiti near Floyd Dryden Middle School as a hate crime

Retired schoolteacher Janna Lelchuk encountered racist and obscene words in white spray paint on a bridge during a dog walk

A former student speaks out about racism in Juneau schools; administration says it’ll do better

After watching protests unfold for Black lives in Alaska and across the country, Lacey Davis posted a video on Facebook about her experiences of growing up Black in Juneau.
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Census undercount may lead to less funding for Tlingit and Haida

Tlingit and Haida President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson said at last count, a little over 40 percent of tribal citizens have reported in the census.

Survey reports sharp increase in suicide attempts, vaping among Alaska high school students

The survey, which is conducted every 2 years, showed that 50% of students reported having access to a loaded gun.

Alaska Native leaders offer alternatives to proposed university merger

Leaders from Sealaska are asking Alaska's University system to establish UAS as the administrative hub for rural community campuses.

What Alaskans learned from ‘the mother of all pandemics’ in 1918

Overall, the flu killed a greater percentage of people in Alaska than in any other state or territory in the U.S. except for Samoa.

Please stay on the (punch)line: Callers overwhelm Juneau’s new joke hotline

Juneau’s parks and recreation department recently started a joke hotline for residents to call in case they need a quick laugh.