Please stay on the (punch)line: Callers overwhelm Juneau’s new joke hotline

A gag a day keeps the virus away — or, at least it’ll brighten up your day.

Juneau’s parks and recreation department recently started a joke hotline for residents to call in case they need a quick laugh.

Recreation coordinator Dawn Welch said the department got the idea from a parks-and-rec group page.

“It’s just a joke a day,” said Welch. “Call the number and you’ll hear a joke, and it will get updated every day before 10 a.m. It is seven days a week.”

The phone line was originally used as the hiking hotline, but the department is trying to innovate because that program is suspended. Whether or not it will stick around is up in the air.

“I think that is yet to be determined,” said Welch. “I guess we’ll see how it goes.”

Welch also said the line hit a snag on the second day — she thinks it’s because too many people called in. But hopefully, they’ll get the line back up soon.

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