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a nurse leaving a triage tent

Lack of data blunted Alaska’s COVID response, New York Times investigation shows

The New York Times reporter Sharon LaFraniere, who traveled to Alaska to cover data shortfalls during the COVID-19 pandemic, says the state's problems weren’t unusual.
gray sand underwater

An ancient discovery in Southeast Alaska could help pinpoint how and when the first humans got here

And scientists say it may support the theory that the Pacific coast was first settled by people traveling along the shoreline, living off the sea.
juneau's brotherhood bridge trail

Juneau police investigating death of woman found on trail as a homicide

A Juneau woman was found dead on a popular Mendenhall Valley trail on Wednesday. Police are investigating Faith Rogers’ death as a homicide.
a choose respect rally

Alaska has the highest rate of women killed by men in the nation for the 7th year in a row

Alaska has been first or second among U.S. states in rates of women killed by men for a decade, according to the nonprofit Violence Policy Center.
branches piled up on the beach to prevent further damage from flooding.

‘Our lives are at stake’: Shaktoolik residents seek aid to rebuild berm lost in storm

People in Shaktoolik are back in their homes after many evacuated to the school when the remnants of Typhoon Merbok hit Western Alaska over the weekend. But the storm washed away the berm that protects the village...
a remote court hearing

Former top-level employee at Juneau hospital charged with making fraudulent travel claims and online purchases

Court documents detail two felonies: the first involving more than $25,000 in travel-related reimbursements, the second for more than $25,000 in Amazon purchases. 
the juneau waterfront

Norwegian Cruise Line is giving a Juneau waterfront parcel to Huna Totem after buying it for $20M

Huna Totem plans to work with Juneau-based Goldbelt and other Alaska Native corporations to complete the project.
view of a mountainside of a docked cruise ship

Rockslides are battering a Skagway cruise ship dock and crushing the town’s economy

Skagway’s mayor says the city needs to do something about the slides so it can get back to the full load of cruise ships its economy depends on. And that needs to happen fast.
the dock of a cruise ship, with mountains across the water

Kicked off their cruises, COVID-positive tourists are going home on Alaska flights and ferries

COVID-positive travelers say Holland America helped them book travel on a state ferry and then an Alaska Airlines flight out of Juneau one day after their positive tests.
people stand on the dock of a large boat as it approaches a glacier

Without Ocean Rangers, Glacier Bay in Southeast Alaska is monitoring cruise ships on its own

Park scientist Scott Gende said the Ocean Rangers were essential to the park’s tourism structure.
Interior: Two people discuss a list of chest compression techniques.

Village public safety officers get opioid response training in Juneau as statewide overdose rates climb

Alaska has the fastest rising opioid overdose rate in the nation. More than 200 Alaskans died from overdoses in the last year.

Birdwatchers spend more and stay longer than other Alaska tourists, study says

The study showed that more than half of the birders’ money is spent in Southeast Alaska.
The exterior of a house being flooded

New report outlines Juneau’s climate future, and what the city can do about it

Precipitation has increased by 20 inches a year in the last century and will keep rising. Ocean warming will stress marine ecosystems. More landslides will happen as the region gets warmer and wetter.
someone in gloves holds a ruler up to a bat

For the first time, a Juneau bat tested positive for rabies

Protocol for a suspicious bat is this: without touching it, you put it in a box and leave it overnight.
the side of a cruise ship

Norwegian Sun cruise ship docks in Juneau after hitting iceberg

The ship hit an iceberg near Hubbard Glacier on Saturday.

Starting this fall, UAS will offer Alaska Native language courses for free

“Education was a vehicle of oppression and genocide and assimilation," X’unei Lance Twitchell said. "Our goal is to transform it into a vehicle of opportunity and equity and healing.”
a school in front of a mountain

Parents say calls came too late after children drank floor sealant at Juneau summer school

Superintendent Bridget Weiss said boxes containing pouches of milk and boxes containing pouches of floor sealant were delivered on the same pallet.
The entrance of a school with a mountain behind it

Juneau children given floor sealant instead of milk at summer school program, parents say

Juneau School District officials say 12 children and two adults drank the sealant.
A group of people packing medical supplies into red boxes

State to put opioid emergency kits in seafood plants and harbors across Southeast Alaska

“We absolutely do feel safer,” one plant manager said about having overdose prevention resources on hand.