Claire Stremple, KTOO - Juneau

Claire Stremple, KTOO - Juneau
stacks of food in a warehouse

State’s fix for Alaska’s food stamp backlog misses the mark, insiders say

“It’s very much a Band-Aid,” said Ron Meehan with the Food Bank of Alaska.
a graph of Alaska maternal deaths

State experts call Alaska’s maternal mortality rate ‘a call to arms’

In 2021, Alaska reported its highest number of pregnancy-associated deaths in the last decade — more than double the latest five-year average.
a trooper car

State tracks a bump in Alaska homicides over the last five years

A state report on the most recent data shows that Alaska’s annual homicide rate increased steadily and significantly over the last decade.
Jesse Kiehl and clean water advocates

Alaska senator’s fight to regulate ‘forever chemicals’ gets a boost from new federal standards

PFAS compounds, known as “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down in the environment, have been linked to cancer.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska legislators say state AG overstepped with Walgreens letter over abortion pill

Nearly two dozen members of the Alaska House and Senate signed on to a letter to Walgreens CEO Rosalind Taylor.
the outside of a hospital

Department behind Alaska’s food stamp backlog will soon be processing 260K Medicaid reapplications

“What’s important to know is we don’t want anyone to lose health care coverage,” said Deb Etheridge, director of the Division of Public Assistance.
a planned parenthood building

Rural Alaskans will be disproportionately affected by abortion pill lawsuit, say doctors and advocates

Abortion is legal in Alaska, but doctors and advocates say it is not equitable or accessible because of the state’s geography and large rural population.
Governor Dunleavy peeks through a door with a man in a suit in the foreground

Alaska joins lawsuit that would take the abortion pill off the market

The pill would be taken off the market if the judge sides with the plaintiffs.
a grocery store

Thousands of Alaskans are still waiting for food stamps as state scrambles for solutions

Even Alaskans who have now gotten their benefits say that the months they went without left them with debt and fears for the future.
People stand on the steps of a building, with signs that say: Alaskans Working for Alaska

At Juneau rally, state workers call for more resources to fix food stamp backlog

The union criticized the state’s plan to hire contract workers to fix the backlog.
the Douglas Boat Harbor

Grant offers some Alaskans unconventional but stable housing for a year

An Alaska-specific grant is helping people who are homeless maintain one year of housing — even if it’s alternative housing, like a sailboat.
Bartlett Regional Hospital

Juneau’s hospital is losing more than $1M a month

For the first time in Bartlett Regional Hospital’s history, its leaders will have to make major changes to stop the losses.
Cans on shelves in a grocery store

Alaska’s State Public Assistance director is no longer in her post following news of months-long waits for food stamps

The news comes as the division has been under fire for its failure to issue food stamps and Medicaid benefits in a timely manner.
a grocery aisle

State workers say chronic understaffing caused food stamp backlog

Many of the thousands of Alaskans who rely on assistance say they’re desperate for relief.
a grocery store

With thousands waiting, state says food stamp backlog won’t improve any time soon

As Alaskans choose between paying bills and buying food, Alaska's health commissioner says a months-long food stamp backlog won't improve any time soon.
a closed hospice in Juneau

Juneau hospice and nursing home closures are the latest symptom of the nation’s nursing shortage

The closure of Catholic Community Services' home and hospice care has forced Juneau patients to visit emergency rooms, in one part of a statewide problem.
a grocery store

No response from state officials as some Alaskans go months without food stamps

The state has not said how many people are waiting for their food stamps, how much longer the estimated wait time is or what is causing the delay.
an ambulance with a mountain in the background

Nursing shortage leaves Juneau hospice patients with few options until gap is filled

Juneau has been without hospice and home care since mid-September.
A man stands next to a large section of a tree

Naturalists reveal history of centuries-old spruce that fell during Juneau landslide

The landslide was over in a few seconds, but when Juneau naturalist Steve Merli looked at a slice of the tree — called a cookie — he saw a much longer story.
two Lions Club volunteers

Juneau’s volunteer workforce not immune to lingering pandemic effects

Some Juneau nonprofits have struggled to find volunteers over the last year. It’s a serious problem for organizations that rely on unpaid staff.