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a woman

‘That’s how I lived’: Wrangell landslide victim says sewing materials helped her survive

Christina Florschutz says she had just taken a shower when the deadly Nov. 20 landslide swept away her home, leaving her husband missing.
a resort

State brings 55 more fishing charges against Petersburg lodge

The charges against Rocky Point Resort part-owners Walter Payne, 74, and Mikel Payne, 50, follow more than 50 counts filed against resort guides.
salmon in the water

Pink salmon are thriving in warmer waters, affecting other species, scientists say

A new scientific paper shows that the pink salmon population is booming in the North Pacific Ocean — and global warming is helping it happen.
a forest

Whale Pass wants carbon credits instead of timber sale but state says no

Locals have long opposed a nearby timber sale on state land, where the state has approved clear-cutting nearly 300 acres of old growth.

Ketchikan got drenched with nearly 7 inches of rain on Tuesday

"This wasn’t even a top 10 event for Ketchikan," a meteorologist said of Ketchikan's Oct. 17 rainfall, which broke its record for that day.
a halibut fisherman

Ketchikan’s federal subsistence designation is being reconsidered

Ketchikan's tribe is asking to change from urban to rural status — which would apply to all 14,000 residents in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.
the Ketchikan City Council

Ketchikan City Council candidate gets protective order against another candidate

A judge approved Judy Zenge's request for an order against Brian Buchman, after an Aug. 30 altercation outside a Ketchikan mall Zenge manages.
a moose

Southeast Alaska harvest data shows moose moving to new areas

Frank Robbins, the state wildlife biologist for the area, says moose are being harvested where they’ve never been before.
a bear and a trash can

Hoonah gives residents bear-resistant trash cans but most of Southeast Alaska can’t afford them

Hoonah is a small community on the northeastern side of Chichagof Island. The island has the world’s densest population of brown bears.
a red mudshark shirt with ornate designs

Alaska tribes bring cultural items home with federal grants

Important objects like ceremonial masks and drums are scattered throughout the collections of museums across the globe.
black seaweed

Alaska harvesters and scientists share concern over black seaweed

Black seaweed is a culturally significant delicacy in Southeast Alaska. But traditional harvesters say it hasn't looked or tasted right in recent years.
A state ferry on the water at dusk.

Alaska Marine Highway System plans for 3 new ferries in 4 years

Three new ferries will be added to the fleet by the end of 2027. One of them will be a hybrid model, and one will be electric.
an old culvert, with water around it

Forest Service identifies nearly 700 Tongass stream crossings that could block migrating fish

Nearly 700 sites along Tongass National Forest streams could obstruct fish from migrating, according to a new report from the U.S. Forest Service.
the state ferry Columbia

Alaska state ferry Columbia tied up for repairs

All Columbia sailings through June 27 are canceled.
shipping containers on a ship

Port of Seattle closure could cause cargo delays for Alaska

About 90% of Alaska’s goods arrive by ship or barge, and most of that comes via Seattle.
a biologist

Want to help Alaska biologists log migratory fish? There’s an app for that.

Biologists and others are hoping that a new phone app will encourage Alaskans to help map fish species living in the state's rivers and streams.
Yak Timber logging

Yak Timber files for bankruptcy after its parent village corporation is sued for $13M

A timber company owned by Yakutat’s village corporation has filed for bankruptcy after a bank sued over $13 million in outstanding debts.

Fishing guides at a Petersburg lodge charged with over 50 violations

State and federal officers were involved in the investigations, including undercover officers posing as fishing clients.
a Ketchikan Police logo

Ketchikan man pleads guilty to running ‘Anything Goes’ child porn ring

Walter William Onstad, 45, has pleaded guilty to distributing child porn online, with Ketchikan police finding hundreds of explicit images on his phone.

Metlakatla woman fatally struck 3-year-old son, brother with SUV, police say

Alecia Henderson, 27, faces seven counts in the April 22 collision, including two counts each of second-degree murder and manslaughter.