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Early Research on Karluk Looks Hopeful

Karluk Manner, an apartment complex for homeless alcoholics in Anchorage, has been open nearly two years. Officials say the program is starting to make a difference. Preliminary findings by researchers at University of Alaska seem to confirm their observations. Download Audio

Study Shows Drinking Goes Down in ‘Housing First’ Facilities

Recent studies show that housing street alcoholics is cheaper than letting them fend for themselves. But a new study shows that's not the only benefit -- they're finding that tenants also drink less.

Man Dies In Anchorage’s Karluk Manor

New Year’s Day brought the first death of a client at Anchorage’s Karluk Manor alcoholic housing facility.

Karluk Manor Object Of Lawsuit Against Anchorage Municipality

Less than a month after Karluk Manor began taking in chronic alcoholic tenants, the Housing First facility finds itself not the object, but the springboard for a lawsuit against the Municipality of Anchorage.

Karluk Manor is Proving Popular with Street People

Last week residents begin checking into Karluk Manor, the newly converted motel that is now a housing complex for chronic alcohol abusers, in particular those living on the streets, temporary shelters or illegal campsites. For the residents, the facility represents warmth, safety, a new chance and some rules.