Daysha Eaton, KMXT - Kodiak

Daysha Eaton is a contributor with the Alaska Public Radio Network. Daysha Eaton holds a B.A. from Evergreen State College, and a M.A. from the University of Southern California. Daysha got her start in radio at Seattle public radio stations, KPLU and KUOW. Before coming to KBBI, she was the News Director at KYUK in Bethel. She has also worked as the Southcentral Reporter for KSKA in Anchorage. Daysha's work has appeared on NPR's "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered", PRI's "The World" and "National Native News". She's happy to take assignments, and to get news tips, which are best sent via email. Daysha became a journalist because she believes in the power of storytelling. Stories connect us and they help us make sense of our world. They shed light on injustice and they comfort us in troubled times. She got into public broadcasting because it seems to fulfill the intention of the 4th Estate and to most effectively apply the freedom of the press granted to us through the Constitution. She feels that public radio has a special way of moving people emotionally through sound, taking them to remote places, introducing them to people they would not otherwise meet and compelling them to think about issues they might ordinarily overlook.

China likely spying on Pacific Spaceport Complex, Pentagon says

A report from the Pentagon says a Chinese spy ship sailed near the Aleutian Islands last July “likely to monitor” a missile test underway at the Kodiak spaceport. Listen now

ASMI says fish meal included in tariff changes, calls for comments

A spokesperson for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, or ASMI, says the organization recently received clarification about tariff changes that went into effect on July 6, for Alaska seafood products going into the Chinese domestic market. Listen now

49 Voices: Cece Esparza of Kodiak

This week we're hearing from Cece Esparza in Kodiak. Esparza has been a social worker all over the state and is the longest volunteer host at KMXT in Kodiak. She's originally from California. Listen now

AK: Annual community dig brings archaeology to life in Kodiak

Every summer, the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository hosts a community project in Kodiak. Students and community members join in. Listen now

Kodiak feels tropical at 78F and breaks a 1941 record

By 12:56 p.m. on Monday, it had reached a record-breaking 78 degrees. The former record was 75 degrees on this day in 1941. Listen now

Summer camp promotes Alutiiq culture on Afognak Island

Afognak descendants are making sure a new generation has a connection to Alutiiq culture, language and the land where their ancestors lived -- through a summer camp. Listen now

49 Voices: Benito Achas of Kodiak

This week, we're hearing from Benito Achas in Kodiak. Achas works with drug rehabilitation at Safe Harbor and immigrated to Alaska from the Phillipines in the mid 90s. Listen now

Alutiiq ancestral objects return home to Kodiak after nearly 150 years

A French museum, Musee Boulogne-Sur-Mer, will loan ancestral artifacts collected in the Kodiak Archipelago nearly 150 years ago to the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository in Kodiak where they will remain for five years. Listen now

Chinese delegation visits Kodiak as Trump administration issues new proposed tariffs

A delegation from China visited Kodiak Island with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, touring fish processing plants in Kodiak and Larsen Bay. Listen now

ASMI says latest China tariffs likely to hit pollock, salmon, Pacific cod

On Tuesday, the Trump administration proposed $200 billion in new tariffs on China, upsetting markets worldwide. Listen now

Alaska Aerospace Corporation launches subsidiary with focus on satellites

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation launched a subsidiary, Aurora Launch Services, which will focus on providing support for customers to launch vehicles with smaller satellite payloads into orbit. Listen now

AK: Family food truck spices up Kodiak food scene with Salvadorian, Mexican fare

A food truck in Kodiak is creating quite a stir, serving up the national food of El Salvador, along with some other dishes. Listen now

Three dead gray whales wash up on Kodiak Island beaches in one week

Three dead gray whales washed up on two different Kodiak Island beaches recently. The strandings happened within the span of a week. Listen now

Wildlife get 3,000 more acres creating corridor on Afognak Island

More than 3,000 acres of ecologically rich land on Afognak Island is now protected through a wildlife and recreation corridor.

Wildlife get 3,000 more acres creating corridor on Afognak Island

More than 3,000 acres of ecologically rich land on Afognak Island is now protected through a wildlife and recreation corridor.

Kodiak-based Coast Guard intercepts illegal Chinese fishing vessel

An illegal fishing vessel was intercepted off the coast of Japan with 80 tons of chum salmon and one ton of squid onboard. Listen now

49 Voices: Nicolai Alokli of Kodiak

This week, we're hearing from Nicolai Alokli in Kodiak. Alokli was a fisherman in his youth and has lived in Old Harbor and the Alitak cannery area. Listen now

ASMI says Chinese tariff increase will not apply to secondary processing

Since last week, processors have been waiting to find out whether secondary processing of Alaska fish will be subject to a new 25 percent tariff, which China announced Friday in retaliation to American tariffs on Chinese goods. Listen now

NOAA law enforcement researches sexual harassment, assault among fisheries observers

NOAA’s office of law enforcement officials presented a report about sexual harassment of observers to a meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Kodiak. Listen now

Social media post criticizes Trident Seafoods, Gulf of Alaska trawl fleet for halibut bycatch

A fisherman based out of Homer posted images on social media of halibut bycatch headed for the grinder at Kodiak’s Trident Seafoods processing plant. Listen now