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Dunleavy vetoes millions in programs, but says federal stimulus funds will make up for most cuts

The vetoes include $31 million to Medicaid, $15.5 million to the Alaska Marine Highway System, $4.3 million to pre-kindergarten grants, and others.

Bill would launch Alaska state lottery through new corporation

Gov. Mike Dunleavy requested the bill, which would create a new state corporation to oversee the lottery.

Dunleavy appoints Anchorage business owner to lead Department of Revenue

Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced Tuesday that he has appointed Lucinda Mahoney to be the state’s newest Department of Revenue commissioner.

Wrangell, once a town full of Dunleavy supporters, has many questions for the governor about ferry cut

The governor was planning a trip to Southeast town of Wrangell this week, but canceled because of weather. The town overwhelmingly voted the Republican official into office, but as the community readied for a visit, many wanted to make clear to Mike Dunleavy that they believe in ferries.

How State Senate leadership is preparing for the next legislative session | Alaska Insight

Governor Mike Dunleavy released his budget proposal for the next fiscal year in December, but the legislature will have their work cut out for them when they return to Juneau on January 21 to begin the next session. How will lawmakers on both sides of the aisle come together to balance the state budget?

Breaking Down the Governor’s 2021 Budget | Alaska Insight

Governor Mike Dunleavy released his budget proposal in mid-December, and it looks starkly different from the fiscal plan he put forward...

After bruising first year, new Dunleavy budget trades cuts for big PFDs and deficit spending

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed a new budget Wednesday that would spend most of the cash left in the state's primary savings account to sustain government services at status quo levels, while paying out record-sized Permanent Fund dividends.
A man in a suit walks down a hallway.

In new budget, Alaska Gov. Dunleavy retreats from cuts but still favors big PFDs

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy released a new state spending plan Wednesday that retreats from some of his aggressive budget-cutting proposal while still pushing for larger Permanent Fund dividends.
A man in a suit walks down a hallway.

Anxious about Dunleavy’s new budget? Alaska lawmakers will likely temper it, maybe by a lot.

While the Alaska Constitution grants the governor substantial powers over state finances, they’re far from absolute, and the governor’s initial proposal often amounts to an opening offer instead of the last word.

Dunleavy’s new budget may again seek deep cuts, bigger PFDs

Gov. Mike Dunleavy may again seek deep cuts in state spending, along with higher permanent fund dividends, when he introduces his second budget this week.

‘A hidden giant’: Alaska Legislature’s nonpartisan voice on the state budget is retiring

As the Alaska Legislature’s chief budget analyst, Teal has been the go-to source for nonpartisan information on state spending and revenues. That will end next month when Teal retires. And budget experts say Teal’s work will be missed.

Dunleavy revenue commissioner resigns as state budget proposal deadline approaches

Bruce Tangeman has resigned as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue, the Office of the Governor announced Nov. 15.

Donna Arduin out as Dunleavy budget director

Ben Stevens, Gov. Mike Dunleavy's chief of staff, said Arduin will be offered a contract to continue working as an adviser,

Despite Dunleavy vetoes, construction to continue at Nome Wellness Center

With Gov. Mike Dunleavy's line-item budget vetoes finalized, organizations serving Nome and the Bering Strait region are coming to terms with how these cuts will affect their services. In Nome, construction on a new Wellness Center continues.

Even before vetoes, poll by anti-tax Gov. Dunleavy shows Alaskans, narrowly, favoring more taxes

Alaska GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy opposes new taxes. But in a poll he quietly commissioned earlier this year, a narrow majority of respondents supported them.

Once vetoed by Dunleavy, funding for Alaska’s arts council is back in the budget

Among the funding the Alaska Legislature restored that Gov. Mike Dunleavy let stand was $3,869,600 for the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

Veto to debt reimbursement could raise your tax bill

Halving the amount of money for school bond debt reimbursements could mean local governments look to property taxes to close gaps.

Dunleavy vetoes ferry funding added by the Legislature in the wake of cuts

Supplemental funding added by the Legislature to bolster ferry service was eliminated by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. Communities on Prince William Sound face a seven-month service gap under a draft winter schedule.

Watch: Dunleavy signs off on $1,600 PFD, agrees to restore funds to multiple budget items

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy signed a bill Monday that provides permanent fund dividends of $1,600. He says he expects to call a third special session this fall, solely to pay another roughly $1,400 per Alaskan in PFDs. Watch the video address here.

Gov. Dunleavy postpones budget signing, signals support for two more vetoed programs

Gov. Dunleavy has reversed himself and declared support for subsidized broadband internet for rural libraries and a free service allowing online tutors for students. The governor had previously vetoed the $809,200 in funding.