June Leffler, KSTK - Wrangell

June Leffler, KSTK - Wrangell

Text message vote by Wrangell assembly draws concern from legal expert

“Private citizens get secret ballots, but public officials don’t,” said John McKay, an expert on open meeting and public records laws.

Wrangell considers paying $60,000 for cannery worker testing

The assembly will review a proposal to pay for testing for about 50 seafood plant workers.

After years of bad luck, Southeast Alaska tour operator is reviving a small ferry

The Rainforest Islander sat in Wrangell's boatyard for three years, before it was purchased this spring by a local who has plans to use it to transport freight, vehicles and up to 30 passengers.

Small cruise lines are still planning a 2020 season in Southeast Alaska, but protocols are unclear

Despite a 'no sail order' on larger cruise ship, smaller, boutique cruise lines say they are still taking bookings for the 2020 season.

State overrules Wrangell’s bid to impose COVID restrictions in anticipation of fishing season

City leaders said they are afraid that the dozens of fish plant workers planning to come to the town in mid-June will bring the coronavirus to the isolated community.

Suddenly at home with the kids all day? Here are some tips from a homeschooling pro

The first tip for parents thrust into the role of homeschooling their kids: be kinder to yourself.

Traveling exhibit on Alaska suffragists is headed to a town near you

The first Alaska Territorial Legislature convened in 1913. The first bill lawmakers adopted granted women voting rights.

Mold, water damage plague Wrangell’s city services building, with no solution in sight

In Wrangell, the local police department, fire department, courthouse, DMV and U.S. customs — are sheltered under one roof. And that roof is — literally — falling apart. The city is working to patch together a solution before it’s too late.

Wrangell, once a town full of Dunleavy supporters, has many questions for the governor about ferry cut

The governor was planning a trip to Southeast town of Wrangell this week, but canceled because of weather. The town overwhelmingly voted the Republican official into office, but as the community readied for a visit, many wanted to make clear to Mike Dunleavy that they believe in ferries.

Wrangell sees a 50 percent increase in water consumption during cold snap

Water consumption has risen in Wrangell since the recent cold snap. The town is using 150 gallons per minute more than it did last month. That’s about a 50 percent increase in consumption.

As temperatures drop, water consumption rises in Wrangell

Water consumption has risen in Wrangell since the recent cold snap. The town is using 150 gallons per minute more than it did last month. That’s about a 50 percent increase in consumption.

On remote Alaska islands with no DV shelter, victims rely on informal network of safe homes

Island communities for decades have built an informal network of safe homes. These are the personal homes of folks, mostly church-goers, willing to put up a survivor for a night or two.

Wrangell sportsmen, charities hand out a thousand pounds of moose meat

This year the thousand pounds of meat ultimately went to 120 individuals, plus food banks, a school lunch program and community events.

Wrangell’s Fish and Game office due to close

The Southeast Alaska city of Wrangell stands to lose its Fish and Game office. That’s due to cost-cutting under Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed budget. Local officials aren’t taking the news lying down.

Wrangell mayor urges US Senate to keep federal funds flowing

The PILT program, or Payment in Lieu of Taxes, funnels about $30 million a year to Alaska municipalities. Secure Rural Schools sends almost $11 million, primarily to Southeast Alaska. Wrangell Mayor Steve Prysunka says it’s essential for school districts.

Southeast Alaska businesses scammed with fake cash

Authorities aren’t calling it counterfeit, since the fake bills were likely purchased online as play money. Still, the cash was realistic enough to dupe a few cashiers in Wrangell.

The last Forest Service ranger boat in Alaska, built in 1925, will become a museum in Wrangell

A rare wooden ranger boat once used by the U.S. Forest Service in Alaska’s national forests may soon be on display in Wrangell. The M/V Chugach is 62-feet long and was originally assigned to the Chugach National...

Coast Guard’s VHF signal down for much of coastal Alaska

The outages are affecting Prince William Sound all the way down to Sitka and other Southeast communities.

To reduce staff turnover, Wrangell hospital takes home-grown hiring approach

The idea is to reduce staff turnover in the Southeast hospital by empowering — and ultimately hiring — people with roots in the community.

In Wrangell, cemetery space is running out

Wrangell is about the last place anyone would consider crowded — unless you’re no longer among the living. In that case, the town has just about run out of room for you. Wrangell is...