Tyler Stup, KNOM - Nome

Tyler Stup is a reporter at KNOM in Nome. Born and raised in Colorado, Tyler graduated from Colorado State University class of 2016. Majoring in economics, he sought a path that combined his studies and radio. When the opportunity came to do radio in Western Alaska he jumped at it the first chance he got. He’s been in radio for three-and-a-half years now and has loved every second of it.
a man in a kuskpuk speaks into a microphone

Bill requiring nonresident caribou hunters to have guides meets opposition

House bill 211 sponsored by Kiana Democrat Dean Westlake met opposition in a house session early Monday afternoon. Listen now

Ice road from Kotzebue to Noorvik and Kiana closes

After being open for a record high amount of consecutive days -around three weeks- the ice road that spans from Kotzebue to Noorvik and Kiana is closed. After a snow storm Sunday night (April 9th), several Kotzebue residents found their vehicles on the wrong side of the road. Listen now

WIIN and NDAA make an Arctic deep draft port more likely

Two new pieces of legislation are coming together to pave the way for a possibility of an Arctic deep draft port in the state. The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) both contain independent sections regarding a start to the port process. Listen now
Two caribou in redish tundra and a few scattered sprice trees in the background

North Slope caribou hunters face new restrictions

With herd numbers down, hunting seasons and bag limits for caribou on the North Slope may face tighter restrictions. Listen Now

In Emmonak: need for repairs is urgent after fire cripples water system

A fire in Emmonak has damaged the local water treatment plant. Emmonak’s mayor Wilbur Hootch said the cause of the fire is a suspected pump overload. The fire damaged the main vacuum pump. Listen Now

UAF researchers map Alaska effects of melting permafrost

As average temperatures rise, two University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers are mapping permafrost’s impact on Alaska.

Kotzebue still awaiting local options election tally

Yesterday, Kotzebue residents filed into the NorthWest Arctic Borough building to cast their vote during the municipal election. On the ballot was a local option vote to close the city-run liquor store as well as openings for Assembly and School Board seats.

In Kotzebue, revenue doubts loom as alcohol returns to the ballot

Since October 2011, the city-owned Kotzebue Package Store has been selling alcohol. Come October 4th, local voters will decide the fate of the store, when they’re asked if the city should ban alcohol sales all over again.

Western Arctic Caribou herd smaller than original estimates

Originally thought to total 206,000, the Western Arctic Caribou herd is smaller than first estimated. A new photo survey done by the Department of Fish and Game indicates the Western Arctic Caribou herd totals 201,000.

Crystal Serenity brought tourists, but little profit for Nome businesses

Last week, the cruise ship Crystal Serenity sailed into Nome and 850 of the cruise ship’s passengers were ferried in from the offshore vessel and took the day to tour the city. Listen now

Rural Alaska teachers gain cultural insight at fish camp

Alaskan educators from around the region recently gathered in Council to do a little summer homework. Helping certify educators, Nome’s Northwest Campus hosted teacher camp, a unique opportunity to learn about the space where Alaskan schooling and Alaskan culture intersect. Listen now