Matt Martin, KDLG - Dillingham

Matt Martin is a reporter for KDLG in Dillingham.

On the Nushagak, Sportfishers Struggle to Reel In The Kings

The Nushagak River is becoming one of Alaska’s premier destinations for king salmon sport fishermen. The king return to the Nushagak is proving stronger this year than last, and Fish and Game says they’re on track to meet the escapement goal. Sport fishing guides say the angling has only been average. Download Audio:

Bristol Bay Salmon Camp: ‘Can We Eat The Fin?’

Every summer BBEDC holds salmon camps for middle school and high school kids from CDQ communities. It’s a mix of a little fun and little education on the region’s number one renewable resource, salmon. The junior camp kids paid a visit to the counting tower station on the Wood River. Download Audio:

Guide academy helps locals land jobs at sport lodges

For the past seven years, a mosaic of organizations including Bristol Bay Land Trust, Trout Unlimited, and BBEDC have run the Bristol Bay River and Guide Academy to train local kids in the art of fly fishing. The students spend a week at a lodge learning to be guides. Listen now:

Audio Postcard: Naknek Preps for Salmon Season

Fishing communities across Bristol Bay are pulsing with action these days as armies of fisherman work to ready their vessels for the extra-large return of salmon this year. KDLG’s Matt Martin spent the weekend at the boatyard in Naknek and brings us this audio postcard.

Bristol Bay fishermen prep for a busy salmon season

Fishing communities across Bristol Bay are pulsing with action these days as armies of fisherman work to ready their vessels for the extra-large return of salmon this year.

Low Oil Prices Haven’t Reached Dillingham

The drop in oil prices has been bad news for Alaska's state budget, but good news for some Alaskans at the pump. But the gas price has been slow to drop in some Bristol Bay communities, especially Dillingham. Download Audio:

F/V Northern Pride now salvaged, area clean

The F/V Northern Pride was found hard aground along Katmai National Park's Shelikof Strait coastline May 7.

Togiak boy drowns, huffing believed to be involved

A 14-year-old Togiak boy drowned in a creek early Tuesday morning. Troopers believe he and other boys were inhaling gas, known as huffing, before the drowning occurred.

IGAP coordinators train on data collection in Dillingham

Residents of Togiak, Illiumna, Port Heiden, among others, came to Dillingham for scientific training. It’s part of the Indian Environmental General Assistance Program or IGAP. The researchers are looking to set a baseline data set of water quality and temperature in the region.

Man Survives More Than An Hour Adrift After Skiff Capsizes

A goose hunter spent about an hour and a half adrift after his skiff took on water and capsized in rough seas. Listen now:

Dillingham Fires Up New Incinerator at landfill

This week, Dillingham landfill employees began burning municipal trash. Download Audio:

Report Tallies Tourism’s Economic Impact

A new report from the National Parks Service says Alaska parks brought over 2.5 million visitors, $1.1 billion and 17,000 jobs into the state economy last year.

Trident’s New Fishmeal Plant To Go Online Soon In Naknek

The newest processing plant in Bristol Bay is about to go online this month. Trident Seafood's multi-million dollar fishmeal plant should get a test run with Togiak herring. Trident agreed to build the plant as part of a 2011 settlement over alleged EPA Clean Water Act violations, and now the company, and residents, should get to see (and smell) it if works as intended.

Proposed Budget Cuts Could Hit Rural Broadband For Schools

Middle school and high school students all over the state are participating in the Alaska Measures Progress tests this week. This is the first year the test are being completed completely online. The cuts by the state legislature to broadband services could limit rural schools ability to administer these mandated state tests. Download Audio

AK: Hip-Hop Message Encouraging Drug-Free Lifestyle Resonating With Dillingham Youth

Samuel Johns grew up in the community of Copper Center surrounded by drugs and alcohol. After years of struggling with alcoholism, he is now sober and trying to make it as a musician who blends Athabascan culture with modern hip hop. Johns is traveling to villages across the state to perform and talk about living a drug free life. And it’s a message that seems to be resonating with kids in Dillingham. Download Audio

Village Corporation, Tribe at Odds Over Mineral Deposits

Interest in a potential gold and copper deposit near Nondalton has put the village’s tribe and corporation at odds. Nondalton’s village corporation, Kijik, has entered into an agreement to explore the Groundhog claims, and that action doesn’t sit well with all shareholders.

Researcher Investigating Alaska’s Sexual Assault Issues

A researcher from University of California Irvine is in Dillingham to collect the experiences of sexual assault victims. The project is trying to figure out the cause of the disproportionately high number of sexual crimes in rural Alaska. Download Audio

Rough Winter Takes Toll On Dillingham Residents

Winter has been rough around the state this year. And the lack of snow and warm temperatures have not gone unnoticed by businesses and recreational enthusiast. Download Audio