Maggie Wall, KMXT - Kodiak

Maggie Wall, KMXT - Kodiak
Maggie Wall is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

Astra rocket launch scrapped on Kodiak Island due to failed sensor

Monday's halted launch was the second try in three days. The launch set for Saturday was cancelled due to high winds and heavy cloud cover.

Several cruise ships cancel Kodiak visits as companies shuffle ships because of coronavirus in Asia

The spread of the coronavirus in Southeast Asia is causing a trickle-down effect in many areas of the world, including Kodiak. Several cruise ships scheduled to visit this summer will not be coming after all due in part to the outbreak.

Coast Guard Commandant visits Kodiak with several members of Congress

While in Kodiak, Admiral Karl L. Shultz toured a number of local units with a delegation of congress members and their staff.

Thanks to makeshift driftwood sign, Coast Guard rescues stranded ATV drivers

Two men who needed help after being stranded near Saltery Cove this past weekend did just what they needed to do to be rescued—including using driftwood to spelling out the word ‘HELP.”

Coast Guard personnel to receive Dec. 31 paychecks despite government shutdown

According to an update posted on Coast Guard All Hands, the official blog for Coast Guard workers, meeting payroll in January “will require a fiscal 2019 appropriation, a continuing resolution, or passage of an alternative measure.”

Coast Guard medevacs hiker mauled by bear on Afognak Island

The 31-year-old man sustained multiple lacerations to his leg.

Cameras could replace onboard human observers for some fishing boats

The deadline to sign up for electronic monitoring is Thursday, Nov. 1.

Kodiak Honors Cannery Workers

Kodiak is the number three fishing port in the country and it wouldn't rank so high if it wasn't for the dedicated local processing work force. That's the message sent to workers from the Kodiak City Council during last weeks' regular council meeting.