Kyle Hopkins, Anchorage Daily News

Kyle Hopkins, Anchorage Daily News
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Anchorage gave her a $1.6 million grant despite prior fraud allegations. Now she’s under investigation again.

Rosalina Mavaega was made a city commissioner and given a large grant to support her homeless services charity. Federal investigators are looking into her business dealings.
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In secret recordings, a top Anchorage library official calls Alaska Natives ‘woke’ and ‘racists’

Despite Judy Eledge’s history of inflammatory comments and social media posts, Anchorage’s mayor placed her in a key position in the city’s library and Alaska’s governor awarded her public money and a national role.

Shishmaref Residents To Decide On Alcohol Ban

Tuesday, the Seward Peninsula community of Shishmaref will vote on whether or not to allow alcohol sales in the village of 600. Alcohol has been banned there for 30 years. Download Audio