Kayla Desroches, KMXT - Kodiak

Kayla Desroches, KMXT - Kodiak
Kayla Deroches is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

49 Voices: Mark Wittteveen of Kodiak

This week we're hearing from artist Mark Wittteveen in Kodiak. Locals may have seen Witteveen's work around town in the form of metal fish. Listen now

AK: Are invasive Kodiak crawdads eating their salmon neighbors’ babies?

In the last few years, crawdads have been found scuttling along the bottom of a popular fishing area near Kodiak. Now, a local tribal organization is studying their movement, distribution and diet. Listen now

Kodiak Coast Guard gets new and improved aircraft

Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak just received the first of five newer, more technologically advanced aircraft. The HC-130J replaces the HC-130H that the Coast Guard base Kodiak has been operating since the 1980s. Listen now

Kodiak pays $254K to settle lawsuit filed by family of autistic man

The city of Kodiak paid $265,000 to settle a lawsuit filed in 2016 by the family of an autistic man whom a Kodiak Police officer pepper sprayed the year before. Listen now

Company considers Kodiak for site of second launch pad

A company that launches small satellites into orbit is considering Kodiak as the site of its second launch pad. Listen now

Commercial company conducts rocket exercise at Kodiak launch facility

A commercial company that aims to launch small payloads into the earth’s orbit is conducting tests for a future launch from Alaska Aerospace Corporation’s facility at Narrow Cape. Listen now

Coast Guard, partners search ferries for illegal activity, drugs

U.S. Coast Guard and Alaska law enforcement agencies seized 56 grams of heroin, an ounce of methamphetamine and almost 2 pounds of non-commercial marijuana in a large-scale search for illegal activity on ferries in Washington state and Alaska. Listen now

GCI customers lose service statewide

A power source failure in Anchorage this morning caused service issues for GCI customers across the state. Listen now

Larsen Bay manages summer recycling needs

Residents of Larsen Bay on Kodiak Island are working to keep recycling alive for the population of around 70 people. Listen now

Kodiak demonstrators rally to keep families together

Communities across the country demonstrated this past weekend against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies, including in Alaska. Listen now

State plans distribution of 2016 pink salmon season disaster relief funds

The state is working on distributing roughly $56 million in relief funds to those affected by the 2016 Gulf of Alaska pink salmon season disaster. Listen now

Alaska Aerospace Corporation schedules launch at Kodiak facility

President and CEO Craig Campbell said a commercial company will conduct the launch sometime July 14-20. He says the site will be closed for certain hours during those days. Listen now

Whale collides with ferry Tustumena

The ferry Tustumena passengers traveling to Kodiak watched a whale collide with the vessel Wednesday morning. Listen now

State receives $56 million in federal relief for 2016 pink salmon season disaster

On Wednesday, the state learned how much of $200 million in federal funds will go to recovery from the 2016 pink salmon season disaster in the Gulf of Alaska. Listen now

Larsen Bay mayor worries aging water infrastructure could collapse

Larsen Bay, a community of fewer than 100 people on southwest Kodiak Island, is dealing with ongoing water issues. Listen now

Lt. Gov. Mallott views growth in energy sector as Alaska’s future

Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott sees a future for renewable energy in Alaska. Listen now

Alaska National Guard hopes to increase number of Alaska Native soldiers

The Alaska National Guard is trying to recruit more Alaska Native soldiers. Listen now

Response wraps up on Shuyak Island oil spill

A $9 million oil spill cleanup is winding down on the southern end of Shuyak Island in an area that’s critical habitat for marine mammals like sea otters and Steller sea lions. Listen now

Kodiak jig fishermen explore other markets during poor cod season

Kodiak processors and fishermen are seeing the effects of the 80 percent cut to cod quota in the Gulf of Alaska. Listen now

Kodiak moves toward electric heat with planned hydro expansion

The Kodiak Electric Association is expanding hydropower capacity, and offering an incentive to the borough to make the shift to electric heat. Listen now