Hunter Morrison, KDLL - Soldotna

a cold-water crash simulator

‘It saves lives’: Kenai center trains aircraft crews for cold-water crashes

The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska is training aviators at a Kenai pool on how to escape a helicopter crash in the state's frigid waters.
a man

Kenai man amasses vast collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia

Some people collect coins. Others collect jewelry or trading cards. But Kenai’s Kelly Bookey collects Coca-Cola memorabilia, and in large amounts.
a sign

Ravn Alaska will no longer serve Kenai

A Kenai airport spokesperson says the airline’s decision was primarily driven by the nationwide pilot shortage. Ravn has employed 17 people at the airport.
a bear

Fat Bear Week honors Katmai’s healthy ecosystems

“Each bear in Fat Bear Week is an individual with a unique story to tell about life and survival," said naturalist Mike Fitz.
a brown bear

Katmai’s Fat Bear Junior competition kicks off this week

Four Katmai National Park brown bear cubs will face off to take home the crown of Fat Bear Junior Champion, ahead of the park's Fat Bear Week.
a blue fish

Homer angler reels in blue-fleshed fish

Joe Chmeleck, owner of The Lodge at Otter Cove, says that this isn’t the first time he’s caught one of these vivid rock greenlings.
a remotely operated vehicle

NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer wraps up Alaska expedition

The expedition surveyed maritime regions throughout the state, including the Gulf of Alaska, the Aleutian Trench and the Kodiak-Bowie Seamount chain.