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Dave Donaldson, APRN - Juneau
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House, Senate Working to Increase School Funding

The state House and Senate are both working on increasing funding to schools this year. But the lawmakers disagree over how to get there. House Speaker Mike Chenault from Kenai says he believes the House and Senate are close in principle over approving an increase in funding for local schools.

Lisa Murkowski, Oil Taxes, Budget Top the Legislature This Week

Senator Lisa Murkowski tops the events scheduled before the legislature this week.

New Attorney General Plans to ‘Fight the Good Fight’

Newly appointed Attorney General Michael Geraghty made his first appearance before legislators today to talk about the budget, pending litigation – and what he calls the state’s “proactive” role in state’s rights litigation.

ConocoPhillips: Current Taxes Cut Long-Term Plans

Discussing the state's current oil tax regime -- called Aces -- Conoco-Philips Vice President Scott Jepson told the Senate Resources Committee, "Basically, Aces puts a haircut on your long-term profitability."

Legislators Identify Problems, Goals

Wednesday marks the completion of one-third of this year’s legislative session. And so far, legislators have spend most of their time identifying problems and goals – and hoping they are set up to finish work at the end of ninety days.

New Tax “Architecture” Presented to Senate

The Senate today finished a two-day seminar on petroleum taxes focusing on Alaska’s place in world markets and a plan for what it will take to increase the amount of oil produced on the North Slope. The proposal calls for a massive re-write of the state’s tax regime.

Lawmakers Look For Alternative To Governor’s Oil Tax Plan

Lawmakers Monday opened a two-day seminar designed to give them options and alternatives to Governor Parnell’s plan that would cut taxes for the oil industry.

Alternatives to Parnell Oil Tax Cut

Lawmakers today opened a two-day seminar designed to give them options and alternatives to Governor Parnell’s plan that would cut taxes for the oil industry.

Oil Tax on Top This Week in the Legislature

Legislators are looking ahead to a week dominated by oil and gas. This comes as the Senate takes its first look at a tax reform bill members believe will take the place of the bill the governor introduced last year.

Resources Committee Opens Hearings On Oil Tax Bill

The Senate Resources Committee late Friday afternoon opened a series of hearings on a bill changing the state’s oil tax regime. Revenue Commissioner Brian Butcher has been before the Committee explaining the oil production downturn that he says began about the time the legislature passed the current tax on company profits as worldwide oil prices began to increase.

Senate Votes to Increase School Funding

The Senate today passed the bill increasing funding for local schools by$30-million in next years’ budget. During both Education Committee and Finance Committee hearings, school boards and administrators have said that they need much more than that to avoid laying off teachers and cutting programs

Bill Moves Quickly to Slow Down Electronic Reports for Candidates

The measure delays current law requiring candidates to file their campaign finance reports online. Those reports go to the Public Offices Commission which has had problems getting the computer system to work for everyone who has tried it.

No-Texting Bill Would Override Court Rulings

It is becoming very clear that legislators want to make certain that texting is not legal. The House Judiciary Committee today heard a bill overriding some low-level court decisions that the current law should not be enforced.

Legislators Anticipating Fresh Look At Oil Taxes

The Senate plans to take a fast, but completely fresh look at oil taxes when it begins work later this week on changes to the state’s tax regime. A new bill that will be used to set up the plan will be introduced Friday morning and is already scheduled for a hearing in the Resources Committee that afternoon.

Lawmakers Hear About Coastal Management Initiative

Legislators today looked at an initiative likely to be on the ballot later this year that would re-establish a Coastal Management Program. The previous program was allowed to close last summer as lawmakers and the administration could not agree on the terms of extending it.

Senate To Present Version Of Oil Tax Bill Friday

Oil and Gas taxes take the forefront at the legislature this week – but that’s not all on the menu for the next few days.

Northern Waters Task Force Report: Opportunities and Challenges

The Alaska Northern Waters Task Force has given the legislature its findings and recommendations on the effects of climate change in the Arctic – and how the state fits into national and international interest in the arctic region.

Governor Opposes Formula Increase for Schools

Governor Parnell today showed no support for the Senate’s plans to increase the formula that determines how much state money goes to local school districts.

New Oil, Gas Bill Expected By End Of Next Week

The Senate is working on getting final plans in order to have a new oil and gas tax bill before the public by the end of next week. President Gary Stevens has said he has no intention of working with the tax-rewrite bill the governor introduced – and the House passed.

Senate Committee Approves More Money for Schools

The Senate Education Committee this morning approved an increase to the Basic Student Allocation – or BSA.