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Senate Finance Committee Opens Oil Tax Hearings

The Senate Finance Committee Tuesday opened its hearings on a bill setting up a new oil tax regime. The bill comes as a small, but new response to the House’s version of tax cuts that passed last year.

Senate Finance Opens Hearings on Oil Tax Rewrite

The Senate Resources Committee took three weeks to put together its version of an oil tax bill. And in explaining and justifying the decisions that went into that plan – Fairbanks Democrat Joe Paskvan summarized the notes, studies and reports he had assembled on a very complex issue.

Administration Asks Legislature to Hold Substitute Scholarship Bill

The Parnell administration had rather have No Bill than a Bad Bill.

Begich Sees the Future in the Arctic

U-S Senator Mark Begich said today that Alaska’s future is in helping develop the resources -- and increasing the United State’s presence-- in the Arctic.

Oil Tax Bill Takes Shape, Moves to Finance

After nineteen hearings, getting input from oil companies, consultants and the Parnell administration, the Senate Resources committee proposed changing the state’s current tax structure – making concessions to the oil industry that were less than what the governor proposed last year.

Bill Would Allow State to Return Evidence

North Pole Republican Tammie Wilson says that crime victims sometimes have to wait months -- or even years -- to get back their property that is used as evidence.

House Tells Federal Government to Clean Up NPR-A

The House today – with no opposition – voted to tell the federal government to clean up the mess it left behind in the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska.

Arguments Increase Over Tax Reform Bills

Friction continues in the Capitol surrounding those “action alerts” – emailed messages inviting people to give their opinions on the Senate’s oil tax bill that’s being written this week. The governor, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association and Chamber of Commerce all announced the teleconference hearings to encourage participation by their members and supporters.

Chief Justice Talks About ‘Smart Justice’

Chief Justice Walter Carpeneti on Wednesday took the opportunity of his final address to the legislature to ask lawmakers to consider some alternatives to the judicial systems that have developed in the state. He referred to a new concept – called Smart Justice – that considers the possible result of every action taken by the justice system.

Budgets May Be A Little Behind Schedule

Last week’s announcement that the Senate Resources committee is taking more time than expected in writing a new oil tax structure has led the Senate Finance Committee to lag on budget action.

Senate Begins Hearings On Port And Harbor Expansions, Improvements

The Senate today began hearings on improvements and expansion of the ports and harbors around the state.

Education Committee To Pass Pre-Kindergarten Expansion Bill

The Senate Education Committee is ready to pass a bill expanding the number of Pre-Kindergarten programs in local schools across the state.

Bill Protects Anglers’ Access to Fishing Streams

The state has a chance to protect anglers’ access to fishing streams under a bill that unanimously passed the Senate today. The bill by Anchorage Democrat Les Gara passed the House last year with no opposition.

New Estimates Show More Oil, Gas Potential Than Previously Thought

New estimates show there could be a lot more oil and gas on the North Slope than previously identified. Friday, the US Geological Survey released the results of its recent assessment of shale oil and gas resources focusing on North Slope conditions and data.

Education Committee Approves Student Transportation Reimbursement for Schools

The Senate Education Committee Friday approved a plan to reimburse local school districts what they pay to transport students between home and school.

Senator Murkowski Brings Legislature Up-To-Date

Senator Lisa Murkowski gave her annual address to a joint session of the House and Senate in Juneau today, with a brief speech that ranged over a wide variety of federal issues that have impact on Alaskans.

Legislators Tell Murkowski Their Concerns

Near the end of her presentation to the legislature today, Senator Murkowski asked lawmakers to communicate with the federal government and with her office about any concerns they might have.

BP Pushes to Lower Taxes

An official with B-P Alaska today told the Senate Resources Committee that meaningful tax change will turn the current downward oil production trend on the North Slope.

Tax Bill Taking Longer Than Expected

The Senate is running a little behind in rewriting the state’s oil and gas tax statutes.

Bill Would Help Conversion From Oil Heat Sources

A House committee this morning approved a bill setting up a loan program for people who want to convert their home heating equipment from oil, coal or wood heaters to another fuel source.