Kavitha George

Climate Change Reporter

a portrait of a woman outsideKavitha George reports on climate change, energy and the environment for Alaska Public Media. Alaska is warming more than twice as fast as the Lower 48 and experiencing dramatic environmental shifts as a result. Kavitha is focused on communicating the ways these shifts are reshaping daily life for Alaskans, from threats to subsistence fishing and hunting to the increased risk of wildfire.

Kavitha previously covered statewide politics for Alaska Public Media. She’s also been the host of Alaska Morning News and the Anchorage city reporter. After interning at KTOO in Juneau in 2018, Kavitha took her first real journalism job in Kodiak, where she fell in love with Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes and wild stories.

When she’s not reporting, you can find Kavitha on a bike or in her kitchen, baking.

Reach her at kgeorge@alaskapublic.org or 425-224-5460. Read her recent stories here.