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Alaskans we’ve lost to COVID: James Elliot Fisher, beloved father and attorney

James Fisher was elected to Alaska's first Legislature in 1959. His children say he was patient, considerate and kind.
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Alaskans we’ve lost to COVID: Elizabeth Ketah, family matriarch

Elizabeth Ketah was the glue that held her family together, says her daughter. She was kind, forgiving and taught unconditional love.
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Alaskans we’ve lost to COVID: John Redmond Evans Sr., hard-working dad

His youngest daughter, Suzanne, says his work ethic was matched by his care for his family – and that many of her favorite memories of him involved holiday gatherings.
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Alaskans we’ve lost to COVID: Teresa Maria Pope, Chida-mom

More than 800 Alaskans have died of COVID-19 since early 2020. We asked readers and listeners to tell us about the lives of some of those people and they responded. 

Alaskans we’ve lost to COVID: Vladimir Khadjinov, Russian father of four

Rada Khadjinova lost her father, Vladimir Khadjinov, on Sept. 3. He was 85 years old.