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Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN - Juneau
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Interview: Gov. Parnell Talks Oil Tax Overhaul

Over the course of his administration, Gov. Sean Parnell has made an overhaul of the state’s oil tax system a top priority. In previous legislative sessions, his efforts to bring down the overall tax rate on oil companies has been stymied by the Senate. But this week, that body passed an amended version of his plan. On Thursday, he sat down with APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez to discuss the status of the bill.

After Tight Senate Vote, House Takes On Oil Tax Bill

The House gets its first stab at the Senate’s oil tax package Friday. The bill, which gets rid of a mechanism that raises the tax rate on oil as the price per barrel goes up, will be taken up in the resources committee.

Senate Passes Oil Tax Bill in Tight Vote

After a lengthy debate, the Alaska Senate narrowly passed a bill that would overhaul the state’s oil tax regime. The changes are projected to give oil companies a break of at least $600 million per year. Download Audio

Oil Tax Debate Continues On Senate Floor

Debate on whether the state’s oil tax system should be overhauled continued in fits and spurts on Wednesday. By early evening, the Senate had considered seven amendments to a bill flattening the tax rate on oil companies and shifting incentives for credits. Download Audio

Oil Tax Overhaul Goes To Senate Floor

Legislation that would overhaul the state’s oil tax system has been moving its way through the Senate. Tuesday, the bill made it to the floor. While there wasn’t a formal debate on the bill, Democrats in the minority took advantage of the procedural motions to raise questions about how the changes would affect the state treasury.

Oil Tax Overhaul Poised For Senate Floor Debate

Governor Sean Parnell’s oil tax overhaul is poised for debate Tuesday on the Senate floor. For weeks committees have been reviewing the bill and making changes to it and this is the first time it will appear before the full Senate.

Latest Version of Oil Tax Bill Moves Forward

After hearing that their oil tax bill could mean at least $6 billion in revenue lost over the next five years, the Senate Finance committee made some adjustments on Thursday.

House Passes Leaner Operating Budget After Debate On Education, Behavioral Health

The House passed its version of the state operating budget today, trimming the governor’s proposal by $100 million. Debate over the bill didn’t result in any changes, but Democrats used it as a way to put their funding priorities on record.

Latest Oil Tax Bill Expected To Cost State Over $1 Billion

The latest rewrite of a bill cutting taxes on oil companies is expected to cost the state more than $1 billion next year. That is more than any version that’s been introduced so far.

Concerns Raised Over How Drug Testing Bill Would Affect Bush Alaska

A bill that would allow the state to drug test recipients of cash assistance programs got its first hearing on Tuesday.

Senate Committee Introduces New Version Of Oil Tax Bill

At today’s prices, Alaska’s oil tax system can be compared to those of Norway, Russia, and Venezuela in terms of how much money it puts in state coffers. A plan introduced by the Senate finance committee today would change that. It’s a new version of the oil tax plan Governor Parnell introduced earlier this session.

Lawmakers Push for More Local Food Production

Less than 5 percent of food consumed in Alaska is harvested in the state. Now, a group of lawmakers want to find ways to increase that amount.

State Legislators Coming Together To Make Music

Around this time of year, Juneau is known for the bustle of the legislative session — the committee hearings, the press conferences, and the many, many floor speeches. But after hours, some members of the capital gang can be found making noise of a different variety.

Mental Health Cuts Prompt Public Concern

For the past two days, the House Finance Committee has heard testimony on what it should cut from the operating budget and, especially, what it shouldn’t. Opposition has been especially vocal when it comes to an $8.4 million reduction in behavioral health funding.

House Tightens Operating Budget

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have trimmed Gov. Sean Parnell’s operating budget by two percent.

Juneau Celebrates Territorial Legislature’s Centennial

One hundred years ago this week, the first territorial legislature gathered in Juneau. For the past few days, legislators past and present have been celebrating that event, and reflecting on Alaska’s history since the inaugural meeting.

House Passes Permitting Bill

The Alaska House passed legislation that would change the way water rights are processed. The bill is part of Gov. Sean Parnell’s efforts to overhaul permitting regulations, and it’s prompted some criticism from conservation groups.

Begich Calls for Investment in Arctic Ports

As the Alaska state legislature starts its budget hearings, Sen. Mark Begich is offering his own request: Put $2 billion toward ports infrastructure.

Legislature Weighs Cuts to Pre-School Programs

The group tasked with looking at the Department of Education and Early Development in the House rolled out their recommendations on Thursday, and their cuts to pre-school programs amount to $1 million.

Governor’s Oil Tax Plan Advances, With Changes

Gov. Sean Parnell's oil tax proposal advanced out of the Senate resources committee on Wednesday, with a few changes. Instead of setting the base tax rate at 25 percent, it bumps it to 35 percent.