Sage Smiley, KSTK - Wrangell

Sage Smiley, KSTK - Wrangell
Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary commission members

15 Southeast tribes seek involvement as sovereign nations in Canadian mine permitting processes

More than a dozen Southeast Alaska tribal governments and councils are asking British Columbia for a seat at the table when development could impact communities downstream.
a dam in Wrangell Alaska

Wrangell has a dam problem. Officials hope a recent survey will point to a solution.

The dams holding back Wrangell’s drinking water are over a century old. They’re leaky, and some of the least stable dams in the state.
a school bus

Wrangell receives $395K from EPA to purchase electric school bus

Wrangell’s school district was selected to receive $395,000 from the federal Environmental Protection Agency to purchase a zero-emission vehicle.
a black bear

There’s another bear contest in Alaska, and the awards range from cutest bear to most chill

As for best fisher-bear? That award went to Scuba Sue at Anan Wildlife Observatory.
Exterior: two men stand on a riverbank.

New study details mining’s impacts on salmon habitat, even hundreds of miles downstream

The paper’s authors say their analysis points to a need for more comprehensive risk consideration for mines to protect salmon watersheds throughout the Northwest.
An exterior view of a cedar building with a red roof

Local family reopens Wrangell lodge in hopes of easing high demand for hotel and short-term rental space

Before the Youngs reopened the lodge for business, the visitor housing market consisted of one hotel and a few small bed and breakfasts.
someone looks with a magnifying glass at a black and white image

This eight-person crew is trying to find a century-old shipwreck in Southeast Alaska. Here’s how.

The process involves a lot of research and an arsenal of sonar equipment, aerial drones and a magnetometer.
The same pair of red shoes, with one turned around to show buttons sewed across the heel

Wrangell students’ shoe designs win $15K for their school, with a chance to win more

The entire Southeast community is rallying behind the students' effort to win money for their school's art program.
A boat leaving a dock

Crew sets sail from Wrangell in search of century-old shipwreck

An eight-person crew of scientists, artists and divers are trying to find one of the deadliest shipwrecks in Alaska history.
Hands holding a pair of red sneakers with a Tlingit-inspired design and fur collars.

Wrangell students hope to win Vans shoe design contest to fund high school art program

Wrangell students say they’re confident in their two painted pairs of canvas sneakers that could earn their school’s art program up to $50,000 in prize money.
Two blister packs of birth control pills, in a tree

Alaska lawmakers and telehealth providers work to improve access to contraceptives

Recent polling suggests that a majority of Alaskans support easy access to contraceptives. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy for patients to get them — especially in rural areas.
A young man and young woman posing for a family photo on a beach

New memorial scholarship honors commercial-fishing siblings from Wrangell

A new scholarship aims to connect high school students to the seafood industry — and to the legacies of two commercial-fishing siblings who were killed in a crash in 2020.

‘Tidal Network’, Tlingit & Haida’s new broadband internet service, coming to Wrangell

Southeast Alaska’s regional Tribal government will pilot its new broadband internet program in Wrangell, which it says will, eventually, be available to everyone on the island.
Two mug shots of a white man.

Louisiana jury convicts former Wrangell physician of rape

A former Wrangell doctor and former chief of staff of the Wrangell Medical Center has been found guilty of raping a girl in Louisiana more than a decade ago. He will be sentenced Dec. 13 and faces life in prison.
A big white building on a small grassy hill.

Wrangell to survey site of former boarding school for Native children

There are plans to redevelop the site of the former Bureau of Indian Affairs facility that was open for 43 years. But sensitivity toward the legacy of abuse and trauma and recent discoveries of graves at Canadian boarding schools have caused local officials to tread carefully before breaking ground.
Two people in orange jackets work on a boat.

Dunleavy administration announces new task force to tackle the thorny issue of trawler bycatch

Bycatch is what fishermen catch unintentionally — fish they aren’t targeting that get caught up in their nets, anyway.
Fishing boats in a harbor

Southeast Alaska commercial salmon harvest 4 times higher than last year

In total, commercial salmon fishermen in the region caught and sold 44 million more salmon than last year.
A rock with drawings in it.

What’s that reddish color on Wrangell’s petroglyphs?

A beach on the northern tip of Wrangell Island in Southeast Alaska is home to rock carvings estimated to be at least 8,000 years old — petroglyphs made by the ancestors of Wrangell’s Lingít people. Recently, one of the larger petroglyphs seemed to change color. And that ignited some debate in town. Was it vandalism or a naturally-occurring reddening?
A white trailer is parked outside that says "Wrangell Fire Department" and SEARHC.

Now hiring: ‘COVID greeter’ for the Southeast community of Wrangell

Wrangell is looking to hire a COVID greeter for its airport to alert travelers of testing rules, local mandates and where to get vaccinated.