Mark Arehart, KYUK - Bethel

Mark Arehart, KYUK - Bethel
Mark Arehart is a reporter with KYUK in Bethel.

AK: Puppy Love

Dogs are an important part of life in Alaska. They are revered as great athletes and celebrated as trusty companions. And when Bethel reporter Mark Arehart moved to the state recently, he had no trouble jumping on the dog loving bandwagon. He eagerly anticipated owning his first dog, and a few months ago, he brought home an adorable sled dog puppy. We’ll let him take the story from there.

Akiak Declares Erosion Disaster

The village of Akiak is under siege. Due to extreme erosion, the City and Native Community have declared a state of disaster. Officials say the shoreline of the Kuskokwim River has eroded nearly 200 feet in just one month’s time. The people of Akiak are losing land and memories at an alarming rate.

Pilot Shares Story With LKSD Students

Several Lower Kuskokwim School District students interested in aviation gathered in Bethel earlier this week to hear one pilot’s story.

Chuathbaluk Youths Build Relationships At Summer Camp

Kids in Chuathbaluk on the Middle Kuskokwim recently got together for a three week long summer camp full of team building and swimming in the chilly late summer waters.

Middle Kuskokwim Residents Fear Subsistence Culture Dwindling

The Middle Kuskokwim village of Chuathbaluk is known for its beautiful mountains and dense spruce trees. The village and surrounding area has a rich history of subsisting off the land, but that subsistence culture might be fading.

Alaska Territorial Guard Gains Recognition With Bethel Memorial

Alaska Territorial Guard members have not gotten the recognition that many local historians and veterans believe they deserve. The ATG was a World War II military reserve force also known as the “Eskimo Scouts,” because many of its members were Alaska Natives. As KYUK’s Mark Arehart reports, they are finally getting some local recognition in the form of an ATG memorial park in Bethel.

Taco Bell Delivers 10,000 Tacos To Bethel

The isolated city of Bethel has no roads in or out, but that didn’t stop a major fast food chain from delivering enough food to feed the entire town. Much of the town witnessed one of the grandest spectacles in the community’s recent memory: a Taco Bell truck flying in by helicopter.

Free Tacos Because of Hoax

The community of Bethel is getting a fast-food treat this Sunday in the form of tacos, thousands and thousands of tacos. The Chief Executive Officer of Taco Bell is sending Bethel this free gift, along with a film and video crew, because of a hoax. Download Audio

Bethel Police Get New ‘Mobile Response Center’

In the YK Delta, weather can change suddenly. And in the winter temperatures can plummet into the -40’s. This prompted the Bethel Police Department to bring a new toy to town. At a shade over 25-feet-long, it’s called the ‘Mobile Response Center’ and it looks like something straight out of TV’s CSI.

Rural Residents Struggle with Low King Returns on the Yukon

Life on the Lower Yukon has gotten tougher and tougher over the years for subsistence fishers.  Families that rely on Chinook for food yearlong have had to make sacrifices and fish less and less....

Fish and Game Anticipates Subsistence Restrictions Along Yukon River

King Salmon numbers running through the Yukon River have been declining in recent years. Officials at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are anticipating subsistence fishing restrictions this year, a trend that has been steadily present for a few years now.

Y-K Delta Fish Buyer Plans To Market Salmon Outside Alaska

With the statewide salmon fishing season just starting up, many Alaskans are eager to get the highly prized fish for their freezers. But for one Yukon Kuskokwim Delta fish buyer, there is a clear goal: marketing Kuskowkim River Salmon to areas outside Alaska.

Chefornak VPSO Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

A Village Public Safety Officer in Chefornak is accused of sexually abusing a minor multiple times in a four-month period. Police records indicate that at least two of the alleged assaults took place in the Chefornak Public Safety Building.

Bethel Gets $23 Million For Swimming Pool

A group in Bethel has been advocating bringing a swimming pool to Bethel for decades so community members can have a safe place to learn to swim. Their efforts got a $23 million boost, when Governor Sean Parnell signed the state’s budget earlier this week.

Bethel Hold Breakup Bash

From an ice standpoint, the Lower Kuskokwim breakup may have been quick, but in the eyes of residents along the river, it was a long time coming. In Bethel dozens and dozens of people even gathered together for a riverside party.

AVEC Hoping To Add Bethel To Service List

The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative services 54 villages throughout Interior and Western Alaska. Given the right opportunity, the company wants to add a 55th community – Bethel. But, right now that is a big ‘if’, as in if the community’s current utility provider would be willing to sell.

Bethel Getting New Grocery Store, Movie Theater

Bethel Native Corporation had big news for its shareholders over the weekend when it announced it will partner with Omni Corporation to build a brand new Swanson’s grocery store and a two-screen movie theater in Bethel. For the city and surrounding villages, the prospect of seeing a blockbuster on the big screen will be well worth the wait.

Researchers Study Impact Of Invasive Plants On Native Tundra Berries

Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks are studying invasive plants in Alaska and how they could be affecting native tundra berries. The invasive plants can be found across interior Alaska. And while they likely have not yet spread off the road system to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, some believe it’s only a matter of time.

Kids Descend On Quinhagak For ‘Singsperation’

Dozens of kids from communities across the state descended on the village of Quinhagak last weekend to learn, praise, worship and do a little singing, too. It was called Singsperation.

GCI Announces Plans For Faster Internet In YK Delta, Bristol Bay

GCI announced this week it intends to roll out faster Internet plans in 65 communities in the YK Delta and Bristol Bay. The faster Internet speeds would be realized by switching from satellite based Internet connections to terrestrial lines.