Emily Schwing, KYUK - Bethel

Emily Schwing, KYUK - Bethel
two paleontologists

Scientists embark on a Yukon River expedition to track down a trove of dinosaur footprints

After dozens of field seasons along the Aleutian chain and on the North Slope, paleontologists will explore new territory along part of the Yukon River.
an abandoned school

Newtok residents say a portion of the public school will be demolished this summer

Newtok's school was also the center of local social events, until a January generator fire. Now residents have nowhere to gather.
the Newtok Village Council building

‘We need to get them moved’: Federal agencies visit Newtok and Mertarvik

A Bureau of Indian Affairs team made a rare visit to Newtok by snowmachine Wednesday, after meeting with tribal council members in Mertarvik.
three women pose for a photo

Y-K Delta women describe the realities of living with climate change for foreign dignitaries

“Every year it seems to get worse,” said Newtok resident Carolyn George.
Merbok damage

Company to refund FEMA for botched Yup’ik and Iñupiaq translations

A contractor that provided translations of disaster aid documents into Alaska Native languages deemed indecipherable will reimburse FEMA.
Merbok debris

FEMA sent ‘unintelligible’ disaster relief information to Alaska Native people impacted by Typhoon Merbok

FEMA hired a California company to translate Typhoon Merbok aid material into Alaska Native languages. But speakers say they aren't accurate.
a tundra swan

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeks feedback on new Alaska Native relations policy

The agency hopes that the new policy, more specific than its Native American relations policy, will help improve relationships between federal employees and Alaska tribes.
two children with a fishing net in the water

Interior Department puts $40M toward community relocation efforts for Newtok and Napakiak

“We’ve never really done anything like this before in this country, particularly for tribes,” said Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland.

Subsistence users say feds aren’t investing enough in marine mammal research in Alaska

Members of an Indigenous people’s council say that federal agencies aren’t doing enough to manage marine mammal populations and subsistence resources across Alaska.
a man in a tan shirt talks into a microphone

AFN delegates push for measures to decrease salmon bycatch

Debate over both resolutions was contentious, and revealed a regional rift among tribes.
Alaska Native female veterans

In a first for AFN, opening ceremonies recognize Indigenous women who have served in the military

After the colors were presented Thursday at the Dena'ina Center, five Indigenous women were met with a standing ovation as they exited the hall.

New federal Arctic strategy lacks focus on issues local to Alaska

The federal government rolled out a new Arctic strategy this month, a move welcomed by the Alaska congressional delegation. But it's unclear what it means for residents back in Alaska.

A shotgun shell shortage is making it hard for Y-K Delta hunters to harvest migratory birds

It’s not only hard to get shells in rural Alaska. Outfitters in Anchorage are also having a tough time stocking them.
A red and white building

Uptick in tuberculosis cases across the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta forces in-school testing

Alaska tuberculosis rates are nearly four times the national average.

New album from Yup’ik artist Byron Nicholai is a mix of emotions and genres

"Ayagnera" was released on March 25. Two days later, it ranked among the top 10 new albums in the worldwide genre on iTunes.