Young moose rescued from Soldotna basement

a moose
The young moose with firefighters in the basement he had become trapped in. (Courtesy Soldotna Professional Firefighters)

A young moose fell into a basement in Soldotna this weekend, requiring local responders to guide it out of the home.

The moose fell into a basement window well and through the egress window, possibly while reaching for some leaves. It ended up trapped in the basement of a residence on the 47000 block of Wildberry Court on Sunday morning.

Captain Josh Thompson with Central Emergency Services was at the scene. He said the operation involved Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists and about seven firefighters.

a moose
Responders posing with the moose. (Courtesy Soldotna Professional Firefighters)

One of the Fish and Game biologists used a dart gun to administer a sedative, then once the moose was calm, the responders lifted it onto a large tarp, carried it up the stairs and brought it outside. The whole ordeal took about an hour.

Thompson said the best way to avoid this happening at your own home is to keep vegetation that might attract wildlife away from your basement window wells. But he said it’s important not to cover these entrances, because they’re important fire exits.

a moose
Responders carry the moose out of the basement. (Courtesy Soldotna Professional Firefighters)
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